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i really believe that +System76 could take "competition" with #BoxxTech more seriously - i'm curious to see a benchmark comparison (like those about time spent on Blender renderings) between this machine and GoBOXX 1850 - and their Eland dual-xeon servers could be awesome workstations to face 3DBoxx ones (maybe they just need to add ATI-FirePro or NvidiaQuadro there, and nothing more? - i think they don't need to bet that much, i think just making some presence on specialized fairs with such machines is far enough, there are surely workstation users that don't enjoy ms-windows or osx oem at all)
What a machine!!! O_O
A super video card (from a brand that is coming back to the Linux ecosystem), a very good new generation CPU, huge storage and RAM... and some eye-candy features.
I wish System76 a great success with this model and others!
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