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Got to meet Hans Dockter, CEO and founder of Gradle! How cool!
The Google Developer Training team won the "Most Influential Educator" award from Gradle for their collaboration on the Udacity "Gradle for Android and Java" course. Great job instructors Mark Vieira and Jeremy Silver!

Check out the free course here:
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Android Basics Nanodegree

Whew, what a launch day! Seeing the news headlines + tweets about learning Android with no coding experience seems so surreal. In the past, it was expected that you had Java programming experience (or at least some coding experience) before you could begin learning Android.

But if it requires sitting through a 4-year CS degree to build a mobile app, how are we ever going to have the life-saving apps in the world that we need? I have a soft spot for mobile health apps. Getting people the precise health information they need, can potentially drastically improve their lives. Which means we need more people with diverse backgrounds to also be able to build an app!

With some of the most passionate people in education and tech at Google and Udacity, we took on the daunting task to make it happen - not knowing if it would even be possible! We tried every trick we knew to make it accessible and easy to understand as possible. But the most humbling part of it all was testing the content on potential students. When you see the looks of confusion on their faces as you rattle off some buzzwords, you realize all the unconscious barriers that we (who are familiar with the technology) put up for beginners to overcome. o.O

I have been learning so much about teaching and student motivation through this process (had no formal training before, so I’m just winging it lol). Luckily, folks around me are fantastic at instructional design. We tried to build in quick wins, make it highly visual with diagrams and green Androids bouncing across the page, create a vocab glossary, come up with everyday analogies that people could relate to, and went through public speaking training to make it engaging.

Still too early to tell how things are going. But we have student stories from those who have already completed the Android for Beginners course, which is the first part of the Nanodegree. And so far, the stories have been absolutely heartwarming! Check out this one from Wendy + Katia.

Access the free courses or enroll in the Nanodegree #androidforall

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Join us for this Wednesday's GDG Silicon Valley Meetup on CS education & Android training! 
Please RSVP at and help us with badging and sign-up for this #wtm16 #gdgsv #iwd Meetup with your full name by answering the question during RSVP. That way we can print out the badges ahead of time and speed up the sign-in process.  Thanks!
6:00-7:00pm Networking and light food
7:00-7:10pm Announcements
7:10-7:20pm Lightning Talk Technology in Education - Rosemary Jammal
7: 20-7:50 Computer Science Education at Google - Jennifer Wang 
7:50- 8:20 Training People with No Coding Experience to Build Android Apps -  Katherine Kuan
8:20-9:00 Q&A

Abstract/Speaker Bios:
Computer Science Education at Google
President Obama recently announced the #CS4All initiative to provide every student in the U.S. with the opportunity to learn computer science.  This builds on the momentum of many organizations, advocates, educators, and researchers in the space who have worked to broaden computer science for students all over the world.  This talk will cover some of the programs and resources Google provides for computer science, including our foundational research on computer science education.  See for more information.
Jennifer Wang is the Computer Science Education Outreach Program Manager on Google’s K-12/Pre-Uni Education Outreach Team.  At Google, she works to advance research and opportunities in computer science education.  Her background is in teaching, developing, and researching engineering and computer science activities and the impacts of open-ended tinkering activities on STEM/CS learning.  She obtained her Ph.D. in the Graduate Group in Science and Mathematics Education (focusing on Engineering Education), B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Training People with No Coding Experience to Build Android Apps
Learning Android development was traditionally a skill that could only be learned if you had a strong Java or computer science background. Through the creation of the Udacity Android for Beginners course targeted, people with no programming experience can learn how to create several simple Android apps. Katherine will describe the challenges and lessons learned from creating this course, the trade-offs between MOOCs and in-person classroom training, as well as how Android development can empower people to improve their communities.  
Katherine Kuan is a Developer Advocate at Google who creates training content to help people become Android developers. Before that, she was a software engineer on the Android Apps team at Google, working on apps like Google Keep and Google Play

Technology in Education: Perspective of a Teacher, Student, and Engineer
Rosemary Jammal is a software engineer at Google, but before she ever learned to code, she was a high school math teacher. She saw first hand some of the challenges students and teachers face in education. When she was learning to code, she did so almost entirely with online resources, such as Coursera and Codecademy. She learned a lot of lessons about education from these non-traditional MOOCs and self paced classes. Rosemary will share a few of her insights from teaching and comment on how technology is well suited to address some of the challenges in education.

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Need a Valentine's Day gift for your honey bear? Make them an app! Throwback post from 2 yrs ago..the code is a little outdated, but you get the idea ;)
Just did a DevByte video on how to create an app like this to give to your Valentine! You can watch here:

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+Jhoon Saravia shares his journey on finishing the Udacity Android Nanodegree. Congrats Jhoon!  

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We are hosting a live Q&A about the Android for Beginners course! Starting soon!

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Seeing Googlers and their parents writing XML layouts warmed my heart..haha!
Parents Building Android Apps at Google’s “Take Your Parents to Work Day”

Ever wondered what it would be like if your mom built an Android app? What would she make? At this year’s “Take Your Parents to Work Day,” over 200 Google parents started to build their very own Android app. We’re talking zero coding experience. Check out the video to see what they made!

If you also want to learn how to make apps, enroll in the Udacity Android for Beginners course. Click on the “Access Course Materials” button to get started for free!

#androidforbeginners #udacity #AndroidDev

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Here's a sneak peak at a new developer show we've been working on. It's aimed at sharing the latest news for +Google Developers on Android, web, etc... We'd love to hear your feedback on what you want to watch/hear about! 

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Love this idea! An app for blind users that makes the phone vibrate when it detects a smile.

It does this using the Google Vision APIs! See the DevByte on face detection here:

H/t +Magnus Hyttsten +Laurence Moroney 

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📢 We're holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Google Design Advocate Mike Denny! Join us on Wednesday July 29, 9am PST.

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