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Katherine Kotaw
Storyteller, Writer and CEO of KOTAW Content Marketing. Author of Globe and Mail Book of the Year which turned me into a Lifetime Movie Heroine. My favorite author is Dr. Seuss and my Pit Bull is my Brand Ambassador.
Storyteller, Writer and CEO of KOTAW Content Marketing. Author of Globe and Mail Book of the Year which turned me into a Lifetime Movie Heroine. My favorite author is Dr. Seuss and my Pit Bull is my Brand Ambassador.


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Nostalgia Marketing and a Midnight Birthday Surprise

NEW Off the Clock Blog written by #KOTAWGirlGang member +Brijana Prooker and guaranteed to warm your heart.

Inspired by a surprise birthday present Brijana discovered just after midnight that took her on a giddy trip down memory lane, this blog is proof that nostalgia marketing works.

✨Does YOUR brand story give your audience all the feels? ✨

One thing is for certain: this blog definitely will.

PS: A special heartfelt thanks to +E Poff for inspiring this +KOTAW Content Marketing blog!

#nostalgia #brandstory #brandstorytelling #contentmarketing #nostalgiamarketing
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How well does your audience know you? Enough to REMIND YOU what makes your brand story special?!

For my daughter and +KOTAW Content Marketing business partner +Brijana Prooker, the answer is a resounding YES!

Three years ago, Bri was officially labeled disabled, from debilitating autoimmune conditions she's had since childhood.

She recently performed a monologue about the Women's March, her first acting since her disability diagnosis, and re-connecting with her full self brought her utmost joy:

"I could actually feel the cells in my body waking up and doing a happy dance."

What inspired her to act again?

A heartfelt comment on social media from someone who intrinsically associates acting with who Bri is.

Click on over to the KOTAW blog to read Bri's powerful blog and watch her fierce, haunting monologue.

You'll not only be blown away; you'll also be rewarded with #KOTAWesome tips on how to make YOUR brand story stand out like Bri's!

#NastyWoman #strongwomen #personalbranding #brandstory #WomensMarch
#autoimmunedisease #feminism #chronicpainawareness #womenempowerment #pussyhatproject #pussygrabsback #spoonie

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Accept Your Flaws, Celebrate Your Feats: Your Brand Will Thank You

KOTAW's branding probably hasn't checked off a single bullet point in a so-called essential content marketing to do list. And yet our brand remains strong as ever.

How is that possible?! #KOTAWGirlGang member +Brijana Prooker lets you in on our secret in this #KOTAWesome blog of hers.

Forget trying to be the perfect brand, and be the go-to brand instead. Head on over to the +KOTAW Content Marketing blog to find out how!

#brandingthroughstorytelling #contentmarketing #branding #businesstips #brandreputation #brandstrategy #brandstorytelling #storytelling #familybusiness #womeninbusiness
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Inhale, Exhale and Help Save Precious Pit Bulls

I'm so excited to announce that my daughters -- and #KOTAWGirlGang members! -- are taking Pit Bulls and Personal Branding -- +KOTAW Content Marketing's philanthropic project to spread Pit Bull love through the power of #storytelling -- to a whole new level.

This Saturday, May 20th, +Brijana Prooker and +Kelsey Prooker are hosting Stretch, Strengthen And Stand Up For Pits, a Los Angeles charity yoga event benefiting +STAND UP FOR PITS FOUNDATION.

Thank you +Positively Woof for this #KOTAWesome article about their event.

Stretch, Strengthen And Stand Up For Pits features a gentle vinyasa flow yoga class, a Bully Bake Sale and Rah-Rah ROO raffle (inspired of course, by Ivy's sweet #pittie-pie ROOOO sounds!)

💕Ivy -- KOTAW's Pit Bull Brand Ambassador -- is of course also the inspiration behind ✨Stretch, Strengthen And Stand Up For Pits!🐶

Please read and share this heartfelt article to help my daughters and me spread lots and lots of Pit Bull love!

Peace, love and pittie wiggles,


#StretchStrengthenAndStandUpForPits #StandUpForPits #YogaForCharity #LosAngeles #CharityYoga #YogaEvent #YogaForGood #PitBullsAreLove #PitBullsAndPersonalBranding #PittieLove #PitBullMom
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Interesting article from +The Atlantic on why facts alone can't fight false beliefs (Pssst... read all the way to the bottom to see my #PitBullsAndPersonalBranding takeaway!)

“Tell him you disagree and he turns away. Show him facts or figures and he questions your sources. Appeal to logic and he fails to see your point … Suppose that he is presented with evidence, unequivocal and undeniable evidence, that his belief is wrong: what will happen? The individual will frequently emerge, not only unshaken, but even more convinced of the truth of his beliefs than ever before.” -- When Prophecy Fails: Study about theory of cognitive dissonance

In an era of #fakenews and #alternativefacts, it's easier than ever to find someone, somewhere who is willing to prove your version of the facts true.

And #socialmedia is the perfect place to do so!

It's easier than ever to isolate yourself in online groups that will share your belief, however false. As this article states, you can create your own worldview isolation on social media by only liking posts and pages you agree with.

So what happens when you log out of social media and go out in the world where you might be faced with actual facts, actual truths?!

"A lot of these instances are no big deal, and people change their minds if the evidence shows they should -- you thought it was supposed to be nice out today, you step out the door and it’s raining, you grab an umbrella. Simple as that. But if the thing you might be wrong about is a belief that’s deeply tied to your identity or worldview — the guru you’ve dedicated your life to is accused of some terrible things, the cigarettes you’re addicted to can kill you—well, then people become logical Simone Bileses, doing all the mental gymnastics it takes to remain convinced that they’re right."

This explains a lot about what is going on politically and the article goes into this much more.

But I would like to keep this positive and ask, from a #branding standpoint (seeing that I'm a #brandstrategist at +KOTAW Content Marketing) if it's possible to market to people who don't share your beliefs?!

I say, YES! I have proof (which you may or may not choose to believe!) that #brandstorytelling can -- and has -- changed people's perceptions about Pit Bulls, with Ivy, KOTAW's #pittie-pie Brand Ambassador, leading the way.🐶💖

🐶💖 My daughters/business partners and I have heard time and time again that people who were previously terrified of Pit Bulls or thought of them negatively changed their minds after reading our "Pit Bulls And Personal Branding" stories about Ivy and seeing all her pictures and videos on the #KOTAWGirlGang's various social media profiles.

Dogs have been adopted and fostered because of Ivy and people have begun advocating for Pit Bulls on her behalf. 🐶💖

Just the other day, my daughter +Brijana Prooker told me that a friend we met on social media who used to dislike Pit Bulls and has now fallen in love with them because of Ivy, actually deleted a negative cliche about Pit Bulls she was typing in an email because suddenly Ivy popped into her head. How #KOTAWesome is that?!✨

And because of this, I see HOPE that #storytelling can get us out of this political mess and change the world for the better, just like Ivy is.

We all just have to do our part to make this a better world for Pit Bulls and for everyone.

PS: For more info on Pit Bulls And Personal Branding, KOTAW's philanthropic passion project, visit:
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#KOTAWesome news! My daughter +Brijana Prooker is now an official +HelloGiggles contributor, and I'm thrilled to share her beautiful, brilliant essay on how the furry members of the #KOTAWGirlGang help her stay hopeful in this scary political climate.

✨Brijana writes:✨

In between empowering conversations while wearing my “Women’s rights are human rights” +Tory Burch tee or my “Nasty Woman” shirt that supports +Planned Parenthood, I’m angry, scared, and in mourning.

I’m disabled from a rare combination of extremely painful autoimmune diseases, and every day is a struggle.

Undoubtedly that struggle will worsen with a president who mocks the disabled and has already signed an executive order to begin the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act.

I’m disgusted that I can’t go online without being inundated with a sickening concoction of hateful bigotry and ignorant attempts to normalize abuse.

And as the daughter of a journalist (aka my mom who tells me I learned to read by peering over her shoulder at the Detroit Free Press and New York Times), I’m horrified to feel I can no longer trust the news.

But then my sweet Pit Bull, Ivy, crawls up on the couch with me.

She nuzzles me until she dries my tears and snuggles her velvety body against me, until my pulse slows to match her peaceful, gentle snores.

And my heart feels warm.

Ivy gives my life purpose.

I couldn’t love her any more had I carried her in my own womb. Taking care of her and making her feel as happy and loved as she makes me feel — every second of every day — propels me to wake up each morning.

Which means I can’t give in to apocalyptic fears. The world is still good because Ivy is in it.

READ ON for more #inspiration on finding HOPE in times of crisis:

#autoimmunedisease #feminism #womensmarch #womensrights #nastywoman #disabilitymarch #disabilityrights #chronicpainawareness #girlpower #womenempowerment #pussyhatproject #pussygrabsback #spoonie #adoptdontshop #animallover #doglover #catlover
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How to Create a Brand of Generosity in the New Year

New #PitBullsAndPersonalBranding article on the +KOTAW Content Marketing  blog, written by my daughter +Brijana Prooker.
Inspired by the +STAND UP FOR PITS FOUNDATION  —particularly +rebecca corry's #StandUpForPits Hollywood event — this piece centers around creating a brand of generosity, one that makes the world a better place. 💗💗💗

My daughter Bri writes:
"Dogs, kindness and magic. Those 3 words are all I need to describe my experience going to Stand Up For Pits Hollywood with my sister Kelsey.
The show was incredible. Kaley Cuoco did a wonderful job hosting and her kind-hearted nature shone through in every word she said.

Rebecca was laugh-out-loud hilarious, telling stories of Angel and shuffling around the stage like her velvet hippo who “had Motown on a constant loop in her head”.
Her video tribute to Angel brought tears to our eyes. And there was something beautiful in seeing Kaley, mere feet away from us, crying too — along with Rebecca and an entire packed room.

Yes there is still so much work to be done. Pit Bulls continue to be gravely misunderstood and horrifically discriminated against. BSL is unconscionable and, along with dog fighting, must cease to exist.

But every person in that sold-out room loved Pit Bulls, passionately and unconditionally. And seeing and feeling that is something Kelsey and I will carry in our hearts forever.
After the show, Rebecca found Kelsey and me and gave us big hugs, thanking us for being there.
And we thought, Rebecca was definitely not hugging everyone there. She has said time and time again that she loves dogs but hates people. So why did we stand out?
We would like to think it’s because the KOTAW Girl Gang’s brand epitomizes true generosity.
We’re not fan girls; we’ve never tried to suck up to Rebecca or anyone else on social media or in real life.
We genuinely love Pit Bulls, fiercely admire the work Rebecca does to stand up for pits and are determined to spend our lives standing up for pits too, as well as advocating for pet adoption.

And we don’t do this to impress anyone or for any kind of recognition; we do it out of love for Ivy (KOTAW's Brand Ambassador) and her “type” and on behalf of our other rescues, LuLU and Doosis.
Read more on the KOTAW blog -- then tell me, what are YOU doing in 2017 to spread kindness and make the world a better place? I'd love to hear your story!

#PitBullLove   #PitBullsAreLove   #PersonalBranding   #AdoptDontShop   #kindness   #generosity   #contentmarketing  
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Be Brave in the new year!

Happy New Year! 🎉✨🎉

Love this #inspirationalquote  from Mindy Kaling: "You need the tiniest but of bravery. People get scared when you try to do something, especially when it looks like you're succeeding. People do not get scared when you're failing."

Here's to bravely taking risks and accomplishing our dreams!

#entrepreneur   #followyourdreams   #BeBrave   #inspirational   #MindyKaling   #HappyNewYear  
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Break Free From Your Personal Branding Corset

Branding Lessons Inspired by One of the KOTAW Girl Gang's Favorite Classic Christmas Films, Meet Me in St. Louis! 🎄

When watching Mr. Rogers and Barney with my daughters became more than I could bear (I lasted a dozen episodes in the cardigan-clad gentleman’s “Neighborhood” and 10 minutes with the purple dinosaur’s “Friends”), I introduced them to movie musicals.

✨We danced on imaginary rooftops with Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, swung suitcases confidently with Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music and sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis.✨

Join the #KOTAWGirlGang in our holiday-themed nostalgia and find out how to improve your brand's marketing strategy #ontheblog !

#personalbranding #branding #marketingstrategy #HolidayInspiration #HolidayStory   #MeetMeInStLouis   #JudyGarland  
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KOTAWesome news: I've been turned into a cartoon to talk brand storytelling as a guest on The Blog Chronicles Podcast!

Topics include:

1. How my daughters -- and +KOTAW Content Marketing  biz partners! -- +Brijana Prooker  and +Kelsey Prooker and I have incorporated Pit Bull advocacy into our brand. We are the creators
of #PitBullsAndPersonalBranding , a campaign (headed by Ivy, KOTAW's Pit Bull Brand Ambassador!) to rebrand Pit Bulls as the sweet and loving dogs they are. 🐶💖

2. How to distinguish your brand from all the others. Spoiler alert: #storytelling  is key.✨

3. As an entrepreneur, how to find the work/life balance that works for you!

4. How the #KOTAWGirlGang   is using our platform to help abused women and families find the strength and hope to leave their abusers.

5. The best strategies for writing your own blogs and leaving comments on other publications that make your brand STAND OUT!

⚡️_So have a listen or read the transcript to find out how you can use digital storytelling to boost your biz!_⚡️

Then please come back here and leave your thoughts!

#storytellingforbusiness   #brandstorytelling   #brandstory   #contentmarketing   #personalbranding   #entrepreneur   #entrepreneurinspiration   #podcast   #womeninbusiness  
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