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Katherine Cox-Buday

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That's a jam. So good.
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Katherine Cox-Buday

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That's +Cloudbase Solutions​ on stage presenting to Canonical's juju team their integration of CentOS support in juju. Heavy cheering followed. #diversity
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Passport wouldn't scan. Now stuck in line that isn't moving because they have 2 people working. Sigh.
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Hope you'll come home safely. Enjoyed our meeting. 
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Surprised and delighted to find "The Teachings of Buddha" along side the Bible in the desk drawer of my hotel room.
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In mine, only Aum. I did just get a knock on the door with the offer of a turn down service though.
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Cure for jet lag: you love the people you work with, and you get to see them after months of only video conferencing! #jujuisamazing
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Prevention is better than cure: <>

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Katherine Cox-Buday

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I'd be a scared of another ghost that isn't driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust . . .
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I'll be speaking at Gophercon in Denver this year! I'm super excited both to be speaking, and to hear what the other attendees have to say. Meeting +Rob Pike in person would be awesome as well :)

Here's the topic of my talk:
"The mantra of the Go community is “keep it simple”. Sometimes, this idea is distorted to justify poor engineering decisions. In this talk, we’ll explore what simple really means, and what Go brings to the table."
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Congrats on being selected! Should see you there, looking forward to your talk.
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Katherine Cox-Buday

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After a difficult week and a half, everyone is finally under one roof again and on the mend. So happy.
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I don't know what was up, but glad it's ending well.
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I miss Captain Janeway.

#Nerdgasm #StarTrek #Voyager 
“"There's coffee in that nebula"... ehm, I mean... in that #Dragon.”
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When the #juju developers get tired of coding in the sprint, they go to the coffee area in the hotel lobby for some casual conversations, as clearly demonstrated in this picture.
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Me too +Charles Butler! The more people from ecosystems, the better!
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Katherine Cox-Buday

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Some amazing work here.
There's a new Go REPL in town. llgoi is based on the llgo Go frontend for LLVM, and incrementally compiles using LLVM's JIT.
Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations.
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Watching the 1st of the Star Trek remakes in honor of Leonard Nimoy. #llap
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Have her in circles
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Professionally, I enjoy several aspects of my occupation including: system architecture, programming, and interacting with my friends in the business. I love studying programming languages, and computer science in general.
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This will be a review of the ski portion of Devil's head. We went to Devil's Head for a weekend trip after Christmas, but before New Years. I've been there several times before. Skiing: The slopes are some of the better ones I've tried in the mid-west. They're not going to rival ski resorts with access to mountains, but it's pretty good for the midwest. The runs were well groomed, the chair-lifts were well operated, and the equipment is decent. All in all a good time. Lodging: My expectations here were low since I feel ski resorts are notorious for focusing on the skiing and not the lodging. It's nice for what it is even though I felt like I was staying in a college dorm. The rooms are plain, but tidy and pretty clean. My only real complaint would be the half-inch gap below the door which lets all kinds of noise in. Restaurants: Here's where my real complaint is. The restaurants here are AWFUL. Just awful. There are several different restaurants on the grounds to fit different needs. We tried the Cliffhaus Cafe, Dante's Restaurant, and Cornucopia. The Cliffhaus Cafe is about what you would expect from a cafeteria style restaurant full of hungry families. The food was pretty bad though and was consistently old or cold (if it should have been hot). Oh well, it's just cafeteria food. Dante's restaurant is a sit-down restaurant; think Applebees without decorations. We went here for dinner the first night and waiting 2 hours for even our appetizers to come. They were very understaffed for a busy Friday night, and since the kitchen is partially open I was able to see 2, maybe 3 highschool boys milling around casually preparing food -- which, speaking of -- is like food from a stadium. Overcooked, fried, unseasoned. Blah. Our big dinner was at Cornucopia the next night. It's a nice looking place with an upscale menu (and prices). We were all tired and looking for a nice home-cooked meal. Let me first state that our waitress was great. She was professional, and obviously experienced. What she brought us back from the kitchen was prepared by a group of people who obviously weren't. I ordered the Filet Minion, medium well, with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. The steak came out medium rare and on my sister's plate. Her sirloin was on mine. I sent mine back to be cooked some more, but all they did was char the outside to a crisp and leave the inside rare. It was obvious to me they had no idea how to cook a steak. Two other steaks at the table were raw as well. My wife ordered broccoli as a side and instead got baby carrots. Raw baby carrots. After expressing our concerns to the waitress a little, she let on that these people were hired seasonally and that the bartender had never bartended, and the cooks had never cooked. Mystery solved. I will say that they comped our bill entirely which was an extraordinary gesture considering we had worked our way through some soups, salads, and beers which were perfectly acceptable. All in all, Devil's head is a pretty good place to ski, but I would pass on staying/eating at the lodge if you can help it.
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Atmosphere is cute, and the food is delicious! Best fries I've had in awhile, but beware: large here means large!
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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I always love going to MoKaBe's! Great coffee, surprisingly good food, and you can't beat the people! A must in St. Louis.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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