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Kath Dawson

Findings & Observations  - 
Just out of curiosity does anyone here subscribe to Talkwalker for sentiment analysis?

I've used Talkwalker for alerts (free) for years but I didn't realise that the paid version (not cheap) does awesome stuff to analyse performance of campaigns from lots of angles.

Its kind of blown my mind but I've not been aware of it before, at all.

Does everyone else know about it and its just bypassed me or is this a little known gem?


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Kath Dawson

Discussion  - 
I need some technical backup on an indexing issue.

4000 pages were indexed for the first time on 27 August BUT they all had the same brand name title.

The problem was spotted and fixed and the xml site map submitted again to search console.

Cache date is remaining 27 august but the devs are telling me the pages have been reinserted because the pages can be rendered in search with the new titles through a long tail search.

My argument is that, as organic traffic has not increased at all over the period, and the cache date is old that the long tail search result is coincidental based on the body content.

Am I right in thinking the search results are based on the indexed page which is the same as the cached page BUT the serps can show the new title from the live page?

I hope that makes sense. I'm willing to be wrong but gut tells me something is not right with the indexing.

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No worries +Kath Dawson. I often miss updated messages. Never enough hours in the day. If you've got a duplicate content issue then likely Google isn't going to rush to replace what is there with the new URLs for sure, if they are substantively the same.
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Kath Dawson

Questions?  - 
Brain Fart Alert - For the Knowledge Box to Appear for a Brand Search...

...does this only happen with a local Google Plus Business page? I thought it happened with a brand page but I'm not seeing it for the brand I'm looking at or the Plus Your Business brand.

PS waves to lots of old friends :)
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Wave back +Kath Dawson​ nice to see you here :)
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Kath Dawson

Shared publicly  - 
Glad to be Back!

Its been too long I know but I've wanted to come back onto Plus for months. I used to love it so much, the best community online for me at least, then Google pulled the rug out and I couldn't justify the time anymore.

I'm freelance now and I can decide whats best for me but also what I've realised is that you really need community around you especially when you are freelance.

You can't just turn to a colleague for a sanity check or a chat about an idea. I really needed to just check something recently and my first thought was Google Plus!

Communities here have continued to thrive and these 4 are top of my (quite long) list. Its lovely to see you all again and I hope I can pick up where I left off.

Kath :)
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+Kath Dawson ...and it's never too late ☺
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Kath Dawson

Shared publicly  - 
Google Adwords Help? 21 Awesome Hints and Tips

+martin shervington's guidance is always clear and detailed. This post is packed with screenshots to help you get the most out of Adwords.

I don't know the details of setting up and running a PPC Campaign but if I ever did I would turn to Martin. I know that the quality of teaching will be outstanding as I've done Martin's courses in the past.

Follow him!
Google Adwords - 21 hints and tips! (NEW)
Looking to dig a little deeper into Adwords? This is a great place to start.

The new PYB:
We are focused on helping you with 3 areas moving forward:

Conversions (inc. Adwords)
Reviews (inc. Google My Business)
Brand (inc. Social)

And this week I am delighted to have been awarded the LinkedIn contract to deliver Adwords courses for their platform. So expect a lot more hints and tips along the way - all part of the 'Conversions' aspect for PYB. Lots to learn, but as an Adwords user and presenter since 2003, I am delighted to formally re-enter this world as an educator once more.
#googleadwords   #googlepartner  
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Any time +martin shervington and yes it would be good to catchup :) 
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Kath Dawson

Questions  - 
Can GTM trigger personalised customer journey content?

I'm just checking I'm understanding this right but on the GTM training videos it appears to be saying that you can set specific variables eg if you are looking at hiking holidays in Switzerland you can trigger an onpage advert to take you to buy a hiking holiday in Switzerland.

If that's right how does that work?

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You can use something like optimizly to do this! Send people coming from different locations to different pages etc.
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Kath Dawson

Discussion  - 
Do urls need to be in a foreign language to rank well in that country?

A global company has translated their copy for their Spanish site but the site structure means it would be easier to have urls in English. Should they put the extra effort into translating the URLs too or could they perform just as well in English?

It's likely to be a cost/benefit decision so I'd appreciate your opinions on how important you think it is.

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Thanks again +Jaaved Khatree its really useful insight. I can imagine that Arabic is a challenge to work with, I've no experience in that area.

I think the tricky part of the decision is how much is it worth investing in this change compared to the anticipated benefit. I'm delighted to hear that it was worth it for you and only time will tell the impact of the decision they make on this Spanish site. It was an interesting question :)
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Kath Dawson

Shared publicly  - 
Its a Good Day to be Working in the Garden

Gentle breeze, no pressures, lots of lovey research to get stuck into and good company of my sweet old Xena. Happy days!
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Kath Dawson

Discussion  - 
Quick question about analytics and 302s

I'll tell you what, going freelance means you really miss those moments when you can just turn to someone and sanity check your thought process! I hope you guys can help me as I need just such a sanity check.

Scenario is this:
My client is in property and requires website visitors to register in order to view property details.

The properties are indexed and when landed on from the SERPs there is a 302 to a registeration page.

Q1: will this show as 2 page views?

If so you would expect the bounce rate to be very low would you not?

Personally I would expect the bounce rate for these pages to be very high given you can't see anything but a registration form. However the bounce rate is similar to the rest of the site.

I also don't think that a 302 is the best way to handle this as it makes me nervous that a different page is being presented from a SERPs click through.

What do you think of the bounce rate and how would you handle this (the need to register is not negotiable)

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks +Simo Ahava. That makes sense but how can there be organic traffic (page views) for these pages if there is a 302 always preventing it?

There aren't loads tbh, it is mostly the 302 redirect URL which makes sense for that being the landing page (bounce rates are still not as high as I would expect for such an experience but I guess if people want to view the properties that much they will register!)
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Kath Dawson

Discussion  - 
Can anyone out there help me with a quick question about Google SERPs and paywall pages?

I have a property client who wants prospects to register in order to view property details. That's fine of course but we also want the page to rank. At the moment Google indexes the page which ranks but the user experience takes you straight to a login page. In my view that contravenes Google's Guidelines.

I've been asked how sites with paywalls handle this issue and looking at the the pages are indexed and the text is obscured BUT the title of the article and am image are shown.

I don't want my client to be at risk of a penalty for cloaking content so should they handle it like the FT and display some of the content and obscure the rest?

Or would the FT be considered to be cloaking content? I can't see them getting that wrong tbh but what do you think?

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I agree +Ammon Johns I haven't seen it done in a very long time but back then I had a client who was cloaking a page packed with repeated keywords. It was blatant and awful. In this case it's not trying to game the search engines in the same way but unfortunately the principle is the same and the experience for the visitor is different. They are looking at alternatives now :)
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Kath Dawson

Questions  - 
What do you use or recommend to do audits of sites to find existing tags?

When I get a new site it would be great to run it through something that would tell me where all the tags are.

I did a trial of Tag Inspector but I wasn't confident that I could see everything I needed and I didn't find it very intuitive.

I then used Tag Assistant (Chrome extension) which was much more intuitive and with the recording function I could scroll around. But I think this would mean me navigating every crevice of the site to get the tags to fire.

I'm sure there must be something out there that makes this kind of audit of tags that exist on a site much easier.

Please help me find it!
Many thanks
PS what happened to the search the community option? :(
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Thanks +Stéphane Hamel I'll check out WASP crawler. I'm thinking of whole sites at the moment. 
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Kath Dawson

Shared publicly  - 
Looking for examples of innovations in retail stores in London - can you help?

This will probably go into a black hole as I've not been around on Google Plus for ages. But when I started doing some research into finding some current examples of innovation in-store in London I immediately thought of +James Dearsley and posting on Google Plus.

It was always such a useful place to be both for learning new stuff but also for relationships. I've neglected those by being absent and every time I come back here I feel bad that I've been away.

Its lovely to see lots of familiar faces still here and I hope I'll manage to come back as I did really enjoy it.

Lets see if I can keep it up this time. Looks like I need to sort out my collections though. Could be a job for the weekend as I feel completely pants and plan to be in bed for both days.

Hope everyone is well

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Thanks +Combined Business Marketing Ltd it's nice to be back
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