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Kath Dawson
Freelance Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant: SEO, Social Media, Content, Digital Analytics
Freelance Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant: SEO, Social Media, Content, Digital Analytics


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My first post in a long time talks about digital marketing audits and why they are so powerful for a business.

The insight gained from a comprehensive audit is essential to setting the right strategy so that everyone involved can spend their time on activities that positively affect the business goals.
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Is anyone there?

I have an SEO question and I thought I'd ask it here as this has been a great community but I haven't been here for a while. Is it just me or has everyone gone away? I can't see any recent posts no matter how I filter the view.

Tools for building dashboards in Google Sheets?

I'm looking at ways to pull data from multiple sources - analytics, adwords, social, SEMRush etc - into online dashboards that have current data for stakeholders.

I've found Supermetrics for Google Drive which looks great on the surface

I like the interface compared to the google analytics spreadsheet add on - it looks easier to find the data you need and with the paid version you get access to many other data sources.

Would anyone recommend Supermetrics or are there others that may be better?

Thank you +Donna Beckett!! I am one of the lost sheep who used to be on here daily and met some super people. I did wander off though when my agency couldn't justify me spending so much time on G+ and clients no longer wanted to invest in it.

I'll definitely join the FB group as I am on there every day. Looking forward to catching up with old friends and I'm sorry i didn't stick around.

Its sad to see this group closing but good to see it evolving too as I guess thats just life and connections should be more than just the platform they are on.

Big thank you to Donna for all her efforts and all the other lovely UK connectors.

Bye!! xx

I've just searched the community for resolving the trailing slash duplication with a filtered view in analytics - thanks for the link to +Simo Ahava

I'm just wondering why I'm seeing organic traffic from both and when only one page is indexed and there is a canonical link to

How does analytics even detect 2 URLS in the first place?

Its happening on about 5% of URLs for the site and where some pages have a stop/start run of data indicating that it was a badly coded link somewhere that was fixed where as data overlaps for other pages.


Just out of curiosity does anyone here subscribe to Talkwalker for sentiment analysis?

I've used Talkwalker for alerts (free) for years but I didn't realise that the paid version (not cheap) does awesome stuff to analyse performance of campaigns from lots of angles.

Its kind of blown my mind but I've not been aware of it before, at all.

Does everyone else know about it and its just bypassed me or is this a little known gem?


Do urls need to be in a foreign language to rank well in that country?

A global company has translated their copy for their Spanish site but the site structure means it would be easier to have urls in English. Should they put the extra effort into translating the URLs too or could they perform just as well in English?

It's likely to be a cost/benefit decision so I'd appreciate your opinions on how important you think it is.


I need some technical backup on an indexing issue.

4000 pages were indexed for the first time on 27 August BUT they all had the same brand name title.

The problem was spotted and fixed and the xml site map submitted again to search console.

Cache date is remaining 27 august but the devs are telling me the pages have been reinserted because the pages can be rendered in search with the new titles through a long tail search.

My argument is that, as organic traffic has not increased at all over the period, and the cache date is old that the long tail search result is coincidental based on the body content.

Am I right in thinking the search results are based on the indexed page which is the same as the cached page BUT the serps can show the new title from the live page?

I hope that makes sense. I'm willing to be wrong but gut tells me something is not right with the indexing.


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Its a Good Day to be Working in the Garden

Gentle breeze, no pressures, lots of lovey research to get stuck into and good company of my sweet old Xena. Happy days!
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