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Kate Taylor
Kate Taylor | Creative living on your own terms through #PracticalMagic | Writer | Coach | Speaker | @HuffPostUK blogger
Kate Taylor | Creative living on your own terms through #PracticalMagic | Writer | Coach | Speaker | @HuffPostUK blogger


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We've just 5 places left on our beautiful day retreat at 42 Acres, Shoreditch, London on Saturday 16th September. Join us for a blissful day of awakening the love within.

We will be journeying through a day of slowing down, connecting in and savouring life with Qoya, Kundalini yoga, soul workshops and so much more.

Join us...

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It's never insurmountable to achieve the things you most want in your life. Check out this email that pinged into my inbox this morning from one of my wonderful clients. So proud that we get to do this work.

What are you looking to achieve that feels like it might be a little too far out of reach right now? (spoiler alert.... it's not)

#proud #creativity #lifecoaching

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I will be joining One Girl Band Girl #Brighton to talk through my keynote talk of the year, which is all about busting the perfection myth.

Join me, as I get animated on the subject of why we need to sticks two fingers up to the idea of being Little Miss Perfect, and getting down and dirty in the mud of our real experiences.
Check it out, and buy tickets here:

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Can you really get over the fear of public speaking? I had to, and it wasn't easy, but it got easier when I dropped out of my body and down into my heart voice.

You can read more about how speaking from your heart makes it so much easier to speak in front of a crowd.

#confidence #publicspeaking #powerup

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I was recently interviewed by We Heart Living Magazine for tips on how to de-stress and achieve more. You can read the full article here:

#resilience #bustingstress #productivity

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Just how are you feeling after the summer? Did you get the rest and re-assurance you needed? We're you on email from your sunbed, or WhatsApping the office from the runway? How are you feeling in your body right now? These are all important questions to ask yourself. We need to tune in more to the signals our body and mind are sending about overwhelm and burnout.

Now is the time to starting setting out a stall to don that oxygen mask and taking care of ourselves before it's too late.

Read my latest post on how to nurture yourself over on the Kate Taylor - Up Coaching​ blog

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Is too much choice leading to overwhelm in your life? Read my latest post on how to bring more flow, and less push into your life.

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I was interviewed by Hot Courses as part of the Yogaia Creativity Home Retreat taking place on 18/19 June 2016. Read all about what it means to live creatively, and why the living NOW is so important.

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There is a light which never goes out. Learning from the creative losses of 2016
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