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First rule of the Listserve: You can talk about whatever you want on the Listserve
The first rule of Listserve is, you can talk about anything you want on Listserve. Your life, your secret Bloody Mary recipe, your love of bees. (We'll get back to the bees.) That's the idea, anyway. ...
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Here I was really hoping that you wrote an op-ed about the Medill Listserv.
Haha, that's totally necessary. Medill Listserv has been pretty lively lately, am I right?
I've still only joined the D.C. one, given how nuts the things I find out about secondhand have been. Considering taking the plunge, though.
I've considered leaving the listserv. I have yet to find it helpful.
Which one? Medill or 'The Listserve'?
The Medill Listserv. The only benefit I get out of it so far (that I can think of off the top of my head) are the musings of Dick Reif... and that one thread Marcel started in the last week. Other than that, it usually just gives me a bunch of e-mails I don't care about for my other e-mail to get lost in.
Oh...and there's the occasional pointless listserv argument. I forgot about those.
Haha, I happen to like the listserv! I find it entertaining, and have gotten some good job leads.
I think my feelings on the listserv change by the day. Sometimes it's useful and/or a wonderful source of amusement and/or information, and sometimes it just feels like a burden upon my inbox. As long as Dick Reif is responding to people on there, I'm probably keeping it around.
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