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Cairo at Sundown. 

Taken from the top (I mean, seriously, like very tiny top ... borderline dizzyingly high) of one of the minarets at the Al Azhar Mosque in Old Cairo. As we set up (a bit surprised that we'd be allowed to climb so high) the Call to Prayer come on the speakers. That's normal ... except we were about 4 feet from the speakers at this point and thus it was so loud, and with such force that we were all stunned. The entire experience was completely surreal: the pinks and oranges going ablaze, the sheer height of it all, and the complete engulfment by the call to prayer. 

Luckily I had two good friends and fellow photographer there to assure me it wasn't a dream. And this photo smile emoticon

Taken April of 2014. 

#Egypt #sunset #cairo #travel
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I don't get it. Are you on a worldwide photo safari or something?
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I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Bedouin wedding in Morocco in February. Part of the three day festival included driving around in a long procession of cars, honking ceaselessly for two hours. (A more modern element to the otherwise traditional wedding, I'm sure).

It was at some stop during this procession that I met this young woman, all dressed up for the wedding. I cannot say I heard some moving story from her, or whether she's had an amazing or difficult life, because I wasn't even able to learn her name.

But look at that smile (i realize it's not in focus but still, you know it's there). I love the play and contrast of a child's laugh with the traditional wedding clothes. This girl stood out to me among the throng of girls she was with - a sort of quiet resilience, sizing me up but willing to give me a shot. Literally. Her friends squealed and giggled at her for allowing me to take this photo, but she withstood the ridicule (whether in good fun or not) to let me capture the moment. What a gift she gave me.

Continuing on with my ‪#‎weekofwomen‬ because I was sad that ‪#‎internationalwomensday‬ was over so fast :)

#trave   #morocco   #photography  
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Hello, this is Henna . It only lasts for a week or two. Pretty cool, right!
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Last year I spend International Women's Day in Thailand, leading a team of all-women all-amazing photographers. We spent an incredible weekend with the girls at COSA​, empowering them with photography. We learned so much about the obstacles these girls face and the very real threat of sex trafficking. At the same time, we saw their strength, poise, joy, and hope - not to mention their laughter. On top of this I got to meet and grow close to the incredible, admirable, beautiful women on our team - each with her own skills, her own journey, her own horizons. We laughed together, shed some tears together, crawled in the dirt/mud/rice fields together, woke up at dawn and sat late into the inky black night. It was about photography; it was about so much more than photography. 

Reflecting on this, I am just so thankful for all the women in my life, and honoured for all the women I have met along the way. Polish, Thai, Tanzanian, Moroccan, Irish, Indian, Canadian, Jordanian, Peruvian, Egyptian .... Race, creed, religion, nationality, age, orientation - I have been moved by so many women regardless of any or all of these things. Women around the world are so incredible, hard-working, strong, willing, hopeful, kind, joyful, resilient ... and so much more.  

Happy international Women's Day! Let's continue empowering woman right where we are, and around the globe!

#TGLthailand +The Giving Lens 
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

Shared publicly  - 
Hello. I am thirty years old. And this is my life. 

First, thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes this past week. It's been very special to feel the love after being away so long. I felt closer. You're all wonderful.

I am fulfilled, contented, and grateful for all my 20s were. I think I put at least half of those years to particularly good use, but all of them have propelled me toward who I am today. So have each and every one of you who have journeyed with me through the last decade (or even two, or, now, three). 

But I look forward to the next decade more anticipation than ever before in my short and beautiful life. I have, probably, as far the world would see it, completely unrealistic expectations of things to come, unattainable dreams, improbable goals. That's what makes them mine and that is what makes them so good. I don't want to chase mediocre things. I want to chase amazing things - even if i fail - and that means going beyond what even I think is possible. 

I probably need a reality check. But I don't care for one. I am simply not interested. The last ten years have proven to me that playing it safe is not for me. 

I sincerely hope you're all along for the ride. I really believe I could not do one single thing worth doing without you -  my family, my friends, my community, my church - cheering me on. I am the sum of all my mistakes and all my victories, and the result is exponentially compounded by all of your support and encouragement and those of you who come alongside me when I don't think I can do it, when I doubt, when I inevitably fail. 

So in honour of turning 30, I say, here's to 40. Let's see what's next. It'll take a lot of sweat, and tears, risks and chances, and a whole lot of leaping when I don't feel the slightest bit ready - and it'll take all of you alongside me. 

So thank you. Here's to 30, here's to new horizons. Let's go!
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+Pat Kennedy Corlin thanks girl!! Xoxoxo
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Happy Chinese New Year from Ireland  ... the Year of the Sheep, from the Land of the Sheep. 

#ireland #wildatlanticway #loveDonegal #discoverIreland
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+Kate Siobhan Mulligan Happy Chinese New Year! / Gung Hay Fat Choy! 
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A Very Downton Abbey Valentine's. We were fortunate enough to be treated to a night in a castle. Like a real castle. Kilronan castle to be exact. It was surreal: suits of armor, a drawing room, a dungeon, historical paintings and furniture galore. Acres of land, a lake, and ruins all around. Literally, we found some ruins we think they might not know about yet.

I half expected Thomas to come around sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. (#downtonabbey #nerd)

Happy day of love to all those who seek and nurture and cherish it. Slantè from Ireland!

#wildatlanticway #ireland #discoverireland #tourism Ireland

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to all of those that i have loved
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Nothing like going straight to the source.

#Guinness #dublin #loveDublin #ireland #sonyA600p
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+Ed ward​ could be the iron in the guinness as its high
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Have her in circles
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Oh Ireland. My cup overfloweth. With joy, pride, and also Guinness.

‪#‎wildatlanticway‬ ‪#‎loveCork‬ ‪#‎ireland‬

Taken on a ‪#‎sonya6000‬ with a kit lens 
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Great shot Kate!!
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I was so stoked to see so many posts about amazing women around the world on International Women's Day. And then I was so bummed when all the posts eventually went away. 

So I decided I'm having a Women's Week. Or maybe month. Year? What can I say, I like to celebrate women. 

This young beauty was part of the tribe in Tanzania that I've been fortunate enough to visit several times with +The Giving Lens . One of the plusses - if you choose to see it that way - to staying in a Maasai boma (hut) is waking early to the sound of cattle and goats and donkeys on the move. As a photographer, this is good reason to haul out of "bed" (read: sticks and leather) and catch the good light. This girl was one of three on the move in the golden morning sun. Something about the poise of this tribe - the grace in how they moved, the swish of the blankets, shoulders thrown back. While it's by no means the world's most perfect culture - does one exist? - it's hard for me to deny the atmosphere of strength these women elude. 

Taken on my #sonyA6000, at the yummiest aperture, f/1.8. 

#internationalwomensday #allweeklong 
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Nice have the eye. I wish I had a great photographer to shoot my art work!..I do terrible pic's!...
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“Bran thought about it. 'Can a man still be brave if he's afraid?'
'That is the only time a man can be brave,' his father told him.” 

- Game of Thrones

#discoverireland  #cliffsofmoher #ireland #wildatlanticway
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thank you!!!
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Had a right #craic in Westport, County Mayo last night.

We went to town at the last second on the recommendation of the pharmacist selling me my latest bottle of cough syrup (sick four weeks and counting; the fun things I don't post about). Found ourselves in Matt Molloy's pub, of the Chieftains. Three hours of live traditional music later - some of the locals said it was a particularly excellent session - and a number of Guinness, and it was past two am. Not bad for a Monday in a small town. Ireland, we can barely keep up with you!

Taken on my Sony A6000.

#wildatlanticway #ireland #loveMayo #discoverIreland #travelstoke #sonyA6000 #vsco
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+Kate Siobhan Mulligan  Great photo!  My mom always said that a Guinness a day keeps the doctor away! 
Happy Birthday, Kate!
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|Northern Ireland|

What. Is. this. Life. 

Visiting Ireland has been on my bucket list since before I knew I even had a bucket list. I mean, come on. Kate Siobhan Mulligan? Yeah. It's about time. 

So here I am, celebrating my whole month of turning 30 by driving all over this unbelievable island that, regardless of my actual genetic breakdown, I feel a connect to deep down in my bones. This is also the last stop on our intense 7 month adventure ... for now. 

We have an absolutely epic camper van (more like a luxury RV) from Bunk Campers​ and we already drove from Dublin to Giant's Causeway​ ... where we spent all day exploring. This place is seriously another planet. As a photographer I'd known about the causeway for a while but didn't think I'd have a chance to photography - and experience it - anytime soon. 

So here's Pete​, staring off at the horizon as he's known to do. 

Goodnight, sweet world. 

 #discoverNI #wildatlanticway #ireland #visitireland  
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Sounds like a great trip.
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Have her in circles
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I am a Writer and Photographer from Vancouver. I'm a traveller, a beatles expert, a bad poet, a believer, and a human rights advocate. I am Operations Manager of The Giving Lens, and Faculty and a Staff Writer for Matador Network, along with doing my own photography in my home city, Vancouver, Canada.
writing, journalism, photography, portraits, coffee, surfing, traveling.
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    Weddings and workshops around the Vancouver area.
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Vancouver-based writer and photographer. Beatles Expert. Nomad. Trophy Wife.
I am a writer, photographer, traveler and seeker of social justice from Vancouver, Canada.
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I am a published author, writer, and photographer. I have been to Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America, Australia, the Pacific, the Caribbean, and South America! I write for Matador Network and run The Giving Lens.
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