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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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End of Summer, Barceloneta, #Barcelona. September 2014. 

Taken on a #sony #A6000 walking home from the beach in Barcelona. Being small enough to fit in my little bag made it easy to capture quick moments like this one, which is entirely part of the reason I wanted some lighter gear anyway - so my camera could always be with me, never knowing when something beautiful was around the corner. 

As summer comes to an end again, i'm mystified that this was already a year ago. Me thinks it's time to start cooking up new plans!
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Very nice shot Kate!
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Three Masai girls share a camera in Tanzania. The instantaneous nature of digital photography is a huge draw that transcends language, education, place, and age. Curiosity is contagious and we find people all around world drawn to these little LCD screens as portals into how they - uniquely them - see and experience the world around them. This is the stuff The Giving Lens​ exists on. 

#thegivinglens #TGLtanzania #portaits   #travel   #candid   #africa   #africantuesday  
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Nice one!
Thanks for contributing to #AfricanTuesday "African Favourite"
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Alright, who do I know in Montreal? Tips of where to go photo hunting?

I'm coming to YUL to lead a photowalk with Sony Canada on Saturday - if you're in Montreal you should join us!…/

This is a portrait I took on a photowalk I lead in Calgary last month. This was taken with the Sony 100mm Macro Lens, to prove that it also takes really brilliant portraits! I've actually always loved taking portraits with Macro lenses, across all cameras. It's just so perfectly flattering to faces and throws that background into beautiful bokeh effortlessly.

Edited on my phone with snapseed :) 

So, Montreal anyone? I'll be there Aug 7-9!

‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎sony‬ ‪#‎sonycanada‬ ‪#‎montreal‬ ‪#‎photowalk‬
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+Kate Siobhan Mulligan I am sorry to say I am working all weekend and am not free to join you for your photo walk. Please feel free to get in touch if you coming back another time. Have a great visit !
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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From the streets of Karatu, Tanzania. 2014.  He was looking a bit tired and even grumpy when I arrived. A few shamelessly bad strings of Swahili later, and possibly 1 or 2 sweet dance moves, and I got the smile I was hoping for. Humanity is a wonderful thing. 

#TGLtanzania #thegivinglens #africatuesday  
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Yes its true 
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Lost in Marrakech. We spent a month living right in the chaotic twisty streets, across from leather-sewers and herbalists, men hawking oranges and massive avocados, steamy pots of harira soup, the row of men with sewing machines who patched and re-patched my only pair of jeans, and the barber where Pete​ got used to being shaved with a straight blade while local men gathered to watch. We had hipster-esque cafes and endless tagine and the hammam we liked best for getting  steamed, and scrubbed. We had a donut man and a croissant man and a butcher woman. We had a two bedroom home with an open foyer and a private rooftop patio, on which it was an easy 20 degrees even in January, and we had just enough internet to do my work, and stream netflix. We had it all. 

It was a wonderful place to be lost in. Literally. All roads lead in seemingly no particular direction, and pretty well all roads somehow lead back to the main square. I didn't like hauling my big gear around the narrow streets, so this is really where I hit my stride with my Sony. Light, fast, vivid. Scenes like this were easy without bothering a soul. 

This was taken on my Sony A6000 and a 35mm 1.8 lens. I love the mix of brick, wood, and metal. I love the orange and the blue. I love the texture. And Marrakech had that in spades. 

#sony #sonycanada #travel #morocco #travelphotography   #streetphotography
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My too
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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The Tourist.

Taken mid-morning in Eastern Washington as we were driving home from our camping trip Wyoming. Something about this scene just makes me happy. I think it's his hands on his hips. I wonder what he was thinking about.

(Sony A7ii + 70-200mm @ f/8)
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Okay Forest Fires, that's about enough. It's been an insane summer here in BC for fires and half the time (or more) a cloudy day turns out to be a new fire. In the interior of BC last week there was even a "Fire Tornado" that tore through Rock Creek. Guys, a Fire Tornado? Seriously?

Last month Peter​ and I went to Tofino for our anniversary and had perfect blue skies. Part of the reason we went to Tofino was that the west coast Fog Belt of the island still allowed campfires. Sitting around the fire is like 97.2% of the reason I bother to go camping in the first place. 

The sunday we woke up to intensely orange skies and a red sun trying desperately to burn through. It looked like another planet. We learned there was a fire at one of the lakes near to Port Alberni. 

This was an eerie scene from Long Beach, taken at high noon. The smoke, the orange, and the heat from the smoke was super intense. It was one of the weirdest days of surfing I've ever had, atmosphere wise. 

[I took this shot on a 70-200mm lens, at 200mm, on my a7ii. I tried to get a slow shutter to let the waves soften, which at 200mm is difficult to get anything sharp (camera shake). The a7ii has built in stabilization though, which allowed me to just barely keep the dog sharp while letting the water go slightly soft - with no tripod.]

All these fires combined with depleted water resources this summer is a scary recipe. Let's hope we can clear to conserve our resources and care for our forests and ecosystem ... as I have a bad feeling this won't be our last summer dealing with this combo. 

A massive thank you to our firefighters, both local and those that have traveled here to help. 

#staysafeBC #BCwildfires #loveBCfirefighters #beautifulBC #landscape #tofino #waterscap   #travel  
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All these fires terrible. 
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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A street scene in Agra, India. 2013. Snapped out the window of my car, but it helped we were stuck in traffic and crawling along. I really like simple street scene, just every day life unfolding. This was the end of the day, so perhaps walking her daughter home from school or the market. I love the mother's traditional sari, contrasted by the daughter's bright green jeans. I love the pink, I love the writing on the wall, and that the wall is blue, and I love the dude zipping by on his bike just as a contrast. Oh India. Let's go back, shall we?

‪#‎TGLindia‬ +The Giving Lens  #travel   #portrait   #streetphotography   #street   #india  
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Off the grid but having some beautiful days in Yellowstone National Park. Time to go jump in a river! It's hot!

Taken on my Sony A7ii and a wide 16-35mm lens. Even in the bright sun (about twelve hours a day of harsh hot sun right now) the colour and contrast is really beautiful. Edited in Snapseed on my phone.

#sony #sonycanada #travel 
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Mombasa, Kenya, 2014, high noon. 

Sometimes you gotta shoot midday. It's not the ideal light, and it's not flattering, but it's either shoot or let the moment pass. 

One thing that's really blown me away about my Sony is the electronic viewfinder, which makes shooting in general so much easier, but especially shooting in bright light. The reason is because I can see my exposure in my eyepiece (not the LCD screen) as I work, and because of the eyecup I can see it clear as day. And I can tweak to just the right exposure before I even take the shot. In this case, the harsh bright light and the shadow on the right of his face made it difficult. I also didn't want to blow out the white on his shirt of the vivid blue of the ocean. There was not a lick of shade in sight. Electronic Viewfinder to the rescue! I was able to strike the best balance I could, without taking a dozen shots to figure it out (and waste this beautiful man's time while I did it -- remember, when people give you their time for portraits, it's a gift!)

Probably hands down my most favourite function on this camera. 

#travel #sony #sonycanada #sonya6000  
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Is that the man's first profession? I like the light and high noon-ish ocean reflecting. I see no miss giving of the man's expression he wasn't breaking down and running off. The camera must make working as good a professional easy ,good camera.
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Classic Tofino Moment. Spent our anniversary out here this year, my first time back in probably ten years, since college anyway. I always think I remember how beautiful it is here, and then I arrive and realize my memories never serve it justice. Looks like I'll just have to go back again soon. 

Taken on a Sony a7ii with the 70-200mm lens, just after sunset. Underexposed slightly to get that summer haze. J'aime. 

#sony   #sonya7ii   #travel   #canada   #sunset  
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ти о
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I am a Writer and Photographer from Vancouver. I'm a traveller, a beatles expert, a bad poet, a believer, and a human rights advocate. I am Operations Manager of The Giving Lens, and Faculty and a Staff Writer for Matador Network, along with doing my own photography in my home city, Vancouver, Canada.
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