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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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So Let It Out and Let It In 

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
October 2014
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Flooded Habana Viejo. Same day, same hour actually as the waves hitting the lighthouse. We had to run from the rising waters but this was one I snagged before hightailing it to safety.

Taken on A7rii, edited in Snapseed on my phone.

#sonya7rii #alphaphoto #Cuba #travel
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Wow, looks like fine weather for a swim, lol
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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The stars look very different today. 

Thank you, Starman! 

(Southern Portugal, 2014 - Pete​ and I hanging out under the stars drinking vino tinto, waves crashing below us, where we'd parked our Indie Campers​ campervan for the night). 

#davidbowie   #portugal   #stars   #astro   #selfie  
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Shout it; Go on and scream it from the mountains.

Taken on a crisp early morning after watching the sunrise at Moraine Lake, Alberta. You can see a patch of golden larches. Yeah, a pretty good morning smile emoticon Taken in early October on my Sony a7ii.

#travel   #alberta   #explorealberta   #sony   #sonycanada   #sonya7ii   #rockies   #landscape   #sunrise  
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beautiful ty
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Wild Horses. 

I hear the Stones' song when I look at this photo. Take near the Giza Pyramids outside Cairo on a warm Easter sunday. 

(Egypt, 2014)
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very very biutiful
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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A golden autumn sunrise over Lake Louise, Alberta. I only got to witness it a few times but I'm sure it never gets old. 

#exploreAlberta #LakeLouise #SonyCanada   #alberta   #explorecanada   #landscape   #landscapephotography   #promotephotography   #stunningmoment   #sunrise   #sunrisephotography   #mountains   #rockies  +BestTopPhotographer +Landscape Photography 
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Laundry 1.

Am I a creep if I love to photograph strangers' laundry? Everywhere go I'm drawn to the simple colours in a row. Where I'm from, we have dryers. No one sees the laundry. But most of the world doesn't. Clothes on a line make me feel nostalgic for something I didn't have, and it also is a sense of peeking into someone's life. I've done laundry in a number of corners of the world and I'm always a little flustered to see the contents of my bag strung up for the whole world to see. It's so intimate in a way.

I'm also drawn to the consistency of it - the human nature of it all over the world. Despite everything going on, anywhere in the world, the laundry needs to get done. Across all socio-economic layers, every culture I've happened to cross. The day goes on. Tomorrow will come. When it arrives, we wake up, get dressed, and live.

Taken in Split, Croatia, 2014.

‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎croatia‬ #street   #travelphotography   #streetphotography  
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Kat mung on
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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The Santeria Priest that lives in our street in Trinidad de Cuba. What a warm and wonderful man to have met and been welcomed by. We went into his home, learned about his religion, and some of the team accepted a blessing as well. Just one of many amazing moments here in Cuba.

#tglcuba #thegivinglens #travelstoke #sonycanada #sonya7rii #alphaphoto 
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Such a generous man and family. Our meeting was personally a momentous occasion for me. You have captured them beautifully, +Kate Siobhan Mulligan!
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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We left Mexico for Cuba and landed in the craziest storm. We pretty much needed a boat to get to our casa. Yesterday another storm hit, sending massive waves over the Malecon (oceanside roadway) and into Havana Viejo.

I grabbed this shot of the lighthouse getting pummeled by a huge wave before the police came and made us all move back to safety. Funny, or original plan was to be out at that lighthouse for sunset. Maybe not tonight, we thought.

Taken on a Sony A7rii and a 70-500mm lens. Stabilization is super handy when you're in that much wind and spray!

#sonycanada #sonya7rii #alphaphoto #cuba #travelstoke 
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Awesome shot of Faro Castillo del Morro
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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In a nice change of pace to the news and mood the last month, I am tearfully prideful of our new Prime Minster welcoming refugees to Canada. As I'm sure you've seen if you are Canadian, he greeted them in person at Toronto airport saying "Welcome home."  Welcome home, indeed. 

So, a proudly Canadian scene, from a proud Canadian. 

Peyto Lake, Alberta. Taken on a Sony a7ii, and barely edited. It's  just that beautiful. 

#travelalberta  #explorealberta #explorecanada #thisiscanada #landscapephotography   #alberta   #canada   #travel   #sony   #sonya7ii   #sonycanada  
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Congratulation   +Kate Siobhan Mulligan   your photograph has been selected to be displayed at +Photo Mania Canada #photomaniacanada.  Thank you for sharing your fantastic work us!
Have a great day!  :)
+Giselle Savoie and +Mark HELM 
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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I took a two week semi-haitus from Facebook. I logged in to check on stuff and like a few statuses but otherwise I kept it out of sight because my newsfeed was killing my soul a little bit. Not that there aren't many wonderful people posting positive or hopeful stuff, just that they were outnumbered by fear, hate, and misinformation. 

So instead I turned it off and used the time to dive into two things I am passionate about: my photos, and my faith. 

I haven't been to Syria but I have been to Egypt and Jordan (and Morocco, which is not middle eastern but is deeply muslim). I took time to reflect on these trips, the people I met, the deeply human connections I made, the overwhelming sense of welcome I experienced. And i dove into my faith - not the christianity of Fox News or Donald Trump but the one that's of Christ. The one that begs for reconciliation, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, unconditional love and unexplainable hope, radical grace and even more radical inclusion that knows no bounds and is not constrained by politics, by borders, or by fear. I don't recognize the christianity portrayed on TV, and it shakes me, so I have to return to my own roots in a quiet space. In this space, there is no fear, there is no us and them, and we're all refugees fleeing some kind of brokenness, though for my syrian brothers and sisters that brokenness is more real than I'll ever have to know or face. 

Both these things brought me fresh air this week. Sometimes it's good to turn off the facebook, turn off the news, turn off the noise and indulge or dig into something that brings you fresh air. 

This particular young man I met on a side street near the Cairo Necropolis, the City of the Dead, where miles of tombs line the streets. I don't know what about me he found so hilarious but I took it as a complement. He tried to give me one of his rings, gold with a red stone, but I implored him that I was already married and my husband would be jealous. I know the focus isn't perfect but the moment is, his expression is, and that makes it a pretty perfect picture to me. It reminds me that he was laughing so hard he couldn't even keep still, belly laughs like a little child :) 

So now on my website there is an Egypt gallery. I'll be adding more to my Jordan one soon, and Morocco to follow. And a Canadian one too, which I've never had, as I am proud of our new PM for standing by his promise to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada. I hope I can find out where to stand and cheer when they begin to arrive. 
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thank you everyone!
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Kate Siobhan Mulligan

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Let's go back to Egypt. 

I viewed the pyramids from every angle, all times of day, and I just couldn't get enough of them. And i know there's cooler, more rural ones, even out in the desert, not to mention tombs and King Tut and oases (that's the plural of oasis ... I didn't know that either), endless shisha bars, cobbled streets, the histories of many different religions, the mediterranean coastline, the red sea, the nile, and ... and .... 

So, all in all, yeah, let's go back to Egypt.

 #travel #egypt 
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because it was so amazing! and I was only there 3 days :) 
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I am a Writer and Photographer from Vancouver. I'm a traveller, a beatles expert, a bad poet, a believer, and a human rights advocate. I am Operations Manager of The Giving Lens, and Faculty and a Staff Writer for Matador Network, along with doing my own photography in my home city, Vancouver, Canada.
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