What are your favorite FREE apps designed for iPad? (We'll get to the paid ones later!)
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I use the CNN app for most of my news. Camscanner works pretty well for scanning, although the iPad 2 camera could be better. I use Evernote several times a week on my iPad. I have switched to Chrome for pretty much all browsing as well. I also use most all of the Google Apps, which for the most part are pretty good.
+Kate Olivier Maybe I'm a Google fanboy, but I'm seriously impressed with the new YouTube and Gmail apps. I'm also super impressed with the voice search option in the newish Google Search app. 
Zite and Flipboard. They brought the iPad experience in to a whole new level.
I really like the updated Zite app. The new gmail app is awesome especially on the iPhone 5.
Flipboard, Evernote, YouTube, Tweetbot, Dayone, imovie, iphoto. There are so many really good apps 'specifically' designed for tablet use on iOS. But those are definitely some of my faves. 
Flipboard, Paper, Glo Bible, Youversion, Evernote, Go Tasks
Amazed that almost all of you use Flipboard. I installed it at one point and never used it...can't even remember what it's for! Is this a general ignorance issue (gulp) or perhaps a Flipboard-doesn't-get-press-in-Spain issue?! 
I find that Flipboard is a terrific way to read my RSS feeds as well as other news or interests. I don't use it as much as I used to but still it's my #1 choice to read RSS.
I use flipboard for its smart content, like Technology, News, Design etc. But if you want a specific app for reading your RSS feed from Google, i definetely recomend Feedly.
This is a great list so far. I'm trying out Flipboard, and will probably do the same with a bunch of the others you suggest. +Mike Elgan, aka google boy, what are your top Google apps for iPad? I already have Google+, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Search with voice...
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