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Kaiju Company @ APW Bangsar
The roaring origami dragon is the guardian of this fortress or exquisite promise of scrumptious food! This place is a pretty small eatery with just an indoor seating which is a great one, and the APW area is a limited one with its enchanting eateries that a...

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Vintners Bar & Grill @ Angaston Road, Angaston
Hey everyone! Wishing everyone an amazing year of 2018 filled with great wines and food!  On the last trip of wineries before we head home, we were treated to an immense time with an indepth introduction to the great wine portfolios of the fellow Yalumba wi...

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Yalumba Experience @ Eden Valley
After such an amazing and warm hospitality from the Jacob's Creek and St Hugo Winery, I was moved towards the Yalumba wineries and also the other wineries in the Barossa and Eden Valley regions which brings more excitement for me to discover the wines that ...

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Jacob's Creek Visitor Centre @ Rowland Flat, South Australia
Good Day! Well this is the 3rd part of my Barossa wine adventure in the land Down Under!  Gosh, It was truly an amazing 3 days of fun filled adventure with numerous wine tastings and walks around the beautiful vineyards and soaking up all the wealth of hist...

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Jacob's Creek Private Chef @ Rowland Flat, Barossa
On the last day of my stay with the amazing and warm hospitality of the fellow Jacob's Creek Winery people, they are truly a great and fun bunch of people that wouldn't ever deny the request of a tour to  their vineyards in the Eden Valley and sharing the a...

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1918 Bistro and Grill, Tanunda
After an adventurous Day 1 on the vineyards of the challenging terrain and cool vineyards of the beautiful Steingarten to the phenomenal tastings and luncheon of the St Hugo Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz to the visits of their neighbouring vineyards like Bu...

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St Hugo Restaurant @ Rowland Flat, South Australia
Good Day! Well this month I have the pleasure in embarking on an amazing journey to the land of amazing wines that would be music to your palate and soul! Yes! It's the land of Shiraz- Barossa Valley! It's an hours drive to the Barossa that is actually comp...

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Makirito @ APW Bangsar
"Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one."-Astrid Alauda  Well that is what the current trend is about- Healthy Eating! We do packed in alot of unhealthy things into our body basically due to our hectic lifestyle that mainly occupied by Work ...

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The Journey of Flavours @ Marco Creative Cuisine, One Utama Shopping Centre
Fine dining concept is always associated with sophisticated dining area and the strict dining etiquette alongside with the dresscode that usually turns people away from venturing in to enjoy and appreciate their specially crafted dishes in fear of the uncom...

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Eatomo @ Taman Desa
Konnichiwa! Are you like me; a person that just can't live without Japanese cuisine or let alone the Sashimi ? Well if you are! I've found a place which caters all things fresh and its japanese as well with a touch of western too!  This little humble of joy...
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