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Kate Morris
Trying to make the word a better place one website at a time.
Trying to make the word a better place one website at a time.
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Testing again :P
Hey gang - would love your help with another Google+ test. This time, to see whether Google+ shares and +1s alone can push an already ranked site/page higher in the search results.

For a target, I chose which currently ranks #16 in the US Google results for the phrase "vintage scooter helmets." Please do share the link below and +1 it, but DO NOT link, tweet, FB share, LinkedIn share, etc. We're hoping to try earning just Google+ metrics and watching if the rank rises for that phrase.

Thanks for the help! We learned a ton from the prior tests and hope to learn from this one, too :-)

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This is just a test. :P
Moz is running a test of the impact of Google+ on discovery and ranking of new URLs. If you could help out by sharing this link on Google+ (in whatever format you'd prefer) but please NO TWEETING / FACEBOOK / LINKING / etc. that would be fantastic. The more help we can get the better.

Portly Domesticus Connochaetes is the phrase and here's the URL to share:
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