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Kate M. Colby
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Nonfiction Author
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Nonfiction Author

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Let's celebrate Valentine's Day with characters we love to love! #bookworm #bookaddict #amreadingromance

In honor of Valentine’s Day and all the gushy feelings it brings, I thought I’d share some of my favorite literary couples. As always when I write one of these lists, this is by no means exhaustive. Honestly, if I tried to remember and rank every bookish…

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Want to be a full-time author? Here's some food for thought. #indieauthor #writerlife #selfpub

Back when I first discussed my goal of full-time authorship (and again when I reflected on my first full year as a published author), a few readers expressed interest in learning more about my plan to become a full-time author. In short, I’ve had to…

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Fun fact: the Desertera series has been read on five continents! #amreading #bookaddict #ireadeverywhere #Desertera

How lucky are we as bookworms today? At any given moment, we can jump on Amazon (or another website), buy a book, and read it seconds later. Or, if you’re a paperback purist, all you have to do is wait a couple days for shipping or take a quick trip to…

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2017 is off to a great start! Stop by and share your own successes. #amwriting #amreading #writerlife #indieauthor

If you’ve followed my fiction blog for a while, you’ll know that I share updates at the end of each calendar month. In previous years, I have recapped my writing/editing progress, the books I have read or reviewed, and any notable business activities. In…

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How writing lessons can help with your fitness goals #amwriting #writerslife #exercise

Believe it or not, I used to be a “sporty” kid. Now, I’m not saying that I had great athletic talent (far from it), but I played basketball for seven years, tried cheerleading and volleyball for two, and rode horses competitively (and for leisure) until I…

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Every writer has a favorite writing spot. He's the place I love-to-hate. #amwriting #writerlife #bookworm

As a reader, I love learning more about how my favorite books were written. Fun facts like how J.K. Rowling wrote the initial idea for Harry Potter on a napkin, or how Ernest Hemingway only wrote while standing (in a pair of oversized loafers, to be…

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Because readers DO judge books by their covers. #selfpub #indieauthor #coverdesign

Readers do judge books by their covers, and your cover is your #1 marketing tool. For new independent authors, acquiring a book cover is a thrilling, but daunting, task. Once your book has a cover, it looks like a “real” book. The cover is something…

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Define it. Drown it. Defeat it. #amwriting #writersblock #writingtips

Whether you’re a beginning writer or a seasoned veteran, writing can be scary. Fiction authors put out original imaginings that often hold deeper truths (or are falsely judged to reveal something about the writer). Nonfiction authors declare themselves an…

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Author Andrew Q. Gordon stops by to share his favorite fictional worlds. Did yours make the list? #bookworm #amreading #fantasy #sciencefiction

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome author Andrew Q. Gordon to my website. He shares his five favorite fantasy and science fiction worlds. After you’ve checked them out, say hi in the comments and share your own favorite literary worlds! 1) Middle-Earth:…
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