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What's Eating Kate Green?
What's Eating Kate Green?


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Live at 20:50GMT

This is a talk for the students of UC Irvine, but can be picked up by anyone interested in Phonar Nation as a mentor and participant.

If you have any questions throughout, please tweet me @kategreen28 and use the hashtag #phonar  

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It's not long before Peter Gouzouasis will be coming to the lab; he has sent us some readings as useful resources too! You can find them here:

Merry Christmas everyone! See you in the new year!

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that Peter Gouzouasis will be in the lab January 25th-29th. He will be delivering talks and workshops, but will have time to meet with you to discuss and share his practices. 

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Just to let you know about an event that is being hosted in the Ellen Terry building next week entitled Why are we not Boycotting

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Hey everyone! It was great to see some of you last week at our Autumn Disruption event! If you missed it, we showcased a teaser for our upcoming pilot programme Game Changers! We are really excited about this, but we need your help to get a group of staff and students to get involved in the early trial.

Please can you share this amongst your colleagues and students & sign up yourselves up.

Project description: 
Project website: 

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+Alan Richards This reminds me of what you brought up at Seth Cooper's #disruptivebytes  session. Take a look at this initiative to get more girls to code!
Made with Code | About
Made with Code | About

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From next week, we will be having visiting innovator in education Thom Cochrane joining us for a couple of weeks. He will be here to provide his expert knowledge with mobile learning which we feel that you can all learn from as well. 

On Tuesday he will be doing a #disruptivebytes  to share his practice with you all. We would really appreciate it if you could all attend and share with your colleagues!

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For all of you who are interested in tomorrow's #disruptivebytes  - you can join in from home and even ask your questions! :) 

Please do share with your students and get them inspired!
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Foreword by Seth Cooper:

"Rather than solving problems with a purely computational approach, combining humans and computers can provide a means for solving problems neither could solve alone. Video games provide a compelling framework for this approach: they are a natural space for problem solving and can foster the engagement necessary for people to make a contribution.  I will describe the challenges of mapping real-world problems onto games and ways to address these challenges.  As a primary example I will discuss Foldit, an online game about biochemistry whose players have contributed to several scientific discoveries through gameplay.  I will also discuss other current problem solving game projects and future possibilities."

About the Speaker
Seth Cooper is an Assistant Professor in the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University and a member of the Playable Innovative Technologies Lab.  He earned his PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, and is interested in using video games to solve difficult real world problems.  He is the chief architect and lead designer of Foldit, a video game that has allowed hundreds of thousands of players to contribute to biochemical scientific research. He is currently working on games with applications in a variety of fields, from nanotechnology to software verification.  He has also developed game technologies for real-time crowd simulation and character control.
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