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Google+ Hangouts: making it easier to invite others

Hangouts are great for catching up with the people you care about, and today we're making it easier to invite your circle of friends to join you.

Once you're inside the hangout, you'll see the familiar "invite" dialog on one side. On the other, however, you'll now see pictures of people in your circles:

- Those currently online appear higher in the list, making it easier to hang out right away
- You can also hover over a particular person to see their online status
- Simply click on a person's face to add them to your invite list

Once your list is set, just hit the "Invite" button to invite your friends to your hangout.

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It should also rank the people by who is in the hangout already. What are their interests, who have they hung out with before,...
Aren't the people in the hangout already in the hangout so you don't need to invite them?
I mean that the algorythm for the ranking of the people to invite should take into count who might fit in the group of the people currently hanging out.
Like if there is a group of people that have an interest in say painting (known from the about section / their public posts) it should rank others from my circles with the same interest higher, too.
The next step would be to feature strangers there, too - based on the common interests.
(named hangouts with topics would make this easier, too)
Yes, although mostly you want to invite people you are connected to, rather than other people in the hangout, I would think?
I met so many strangers in public hangouts that have super interesting stories to tell.. Also it adds another perspective to a discussion. I'd love to see a "suggested"-sort-of-box somewhere.. Although it might freak people out if they are invited by strangers... I'm sure you'll figure out a way to connect even more people through hangouts :)
I still need to try a hang out. Some one invite me please :)
google become not just part of our lives but the life itself, wow , who would of thought
that's good, I've invited strangers more than once :)
Chan Li
those people are real
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