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I stay in the shadows. Not lurking, not hiding, just doing my own thing. I prefer it that way.

Week 22/52 Self-Portrait

For #2012project52 , +Project52-2012 Curated by +Kate Church and +Giuseppe Basile, with a huge shout out to +LaDonna Pride, +Shelly Gunderson , +Sue Butler , +Greg Berdan , +Gretchen Chappelle , and +Gary Munroe for everything they do!

+Breakfast Art Club #breakfastartclub
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I absolutely love this Kate!! I want to steal borrow your description as it is the perfect tag line to my life!
Now I'm nervous about my shot this week!!
This is awesome. I've been trying to do something like this for a while now, and I just can't get it right. Great job!
+Lori Seebeck - No sense in being nervous, just throw yourself out there! You can only borrow the title, not the words!! ;))
Thank you Greg. Good to see you flitting around :)
Very pretty! I am not thrilled about being in front of the camera this week, I prefer to take photos not be in them but I think I may have just come up with an idea! Thanks!
Thank you +Shelly Gunderson. I don't like to put the camera in the wrong direction either! Maybe I'll get over that someday, but I doubt it ;))
+Kate Church Oddly, I tried several variations on the non-literal version and it didn't work, so I went with literal. Somewhat to my surprise!
Thank you +Lupe Fiasco.  I'm doing another for a different reason and do believe I will have to set it aside until I can focus again! Goodnight....
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