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The nicest way I can say this.. Fuck that asshole.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Because Jesus wants you to beat your children into conforming. He's all about love, that guy.
It's times like this I like to use the words of the gospel to remind everyone about what Jesus said about the homos :


+Jason Carlile Dan read some of this article to me while we talked tonight. It made me so mad because I am very similar of opinion and belief to you.
Oh god, just listened to it. That guy needs a real good punch to make sure he doesn't have any (more) kids >:C
Trust be told, I was a girl that wasn't really "girly" growing up. I was a late bloomer when it came to caring what I looked like, what I smelled like, how to use make up. It was a bewildering and complicated world, womanhood was. I am so happy I had parents that loved me and didn't mind that I was a little boyish in my disposition. Looking back, I think that's one reason why I'm more of a well-rounded person today. But hey, what do I know. My parents didn't beat the shit of me when I was growing up.
That's okay...I've always crushed on closeted lesbians.
Hahahaha, you're so funny!

But seriously, no touching when you see me for that comment >;D
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