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Apparently when the whole One Million Moms * goes to bible camp, they have to shut down their Facebook page  (*your count may vary).
In another setback to One Million Moms, the conservative Christian campaign has retreated from Facebook after a post about DC Comics’ reintroduction of Green Lantern Alan Scott as gay was inundated by...
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I reported their page as a hate group as someone mentioned in the comments on the Consumerist JCP article.
I hear they don't really have one million moms either.
Look have far we've come. Don't agree with someone you can call it hate speech... not free speech.  Slipppery Slope we are on.
+Becktemba Kazemde there's free speech and then there's abuse.  Hate speech is abuse.  I recommend you see what these so called moms post before you disagree with that judgement.  It's incredibly nasty and threatening.
Apparently, +Becktemba Kazemde agrees with the fundamentalist wingnut party line, that "free speech" means he can say anything hateful or bigoted he likes, but when someone calls him out on it or even complains at all, even without hate or invective, that's "hate speech" and suppressing their right to "free speech". 
Free speech: free of LEGAL consequences for what one says or believes. There ARE legal restrictions where you can be prosecuted for speech (usually conspiring to commit a crime. Charles Manson is a good example. He personally didn't kill anyone.)

What free speech isn't: SOCIAL consequences for what you say or believe. Businesses are free NOT to do business with you, people are allowed to shun you, employers can fire you, etc etc etc.
As an occasional comic book fan let me add that this is the most shameless ploy to bump up sales since the death of Superman
And it wasn't even the first gay marriage in comic books either.  I believe Archie did it quite a while back.
+Kate Childers I talked to a professor of sequential art about super hero comics. They try too hard to straddle both worlds - the adult world of soap operatic melodrama and the children's world of strongmen fighting alien invaders. That might be why their audience is ever-dwindling thus forcing them to copy Archie Comics of all things to bump up their sales.
Yeah, I finally saw partofme's reply to me.  He was kind of an asshole back, but I guess I was kind of more of an asshole in my reply, so, meh, whatever.

He's still wrong.
+Becktemba Kazemde, the First Amendment only protects us from the government's interference.  We as a society reserve the right to tell you to sit down and STFU if stupid falls out of your mouth.  You are under no obligation to do so, and we can't legally enforce our STFU order, but we can most certainly publicly shame and shun you if you don't comply.  Further, Facebook is not a governmental entity, and it is well within its rights to set the rules by which you use its service.  If that means squelching what it sees as hate speech, then it can certainly do so.  You don't have to use Facebook if you disagree with the practice.
Okay, I just actually read the article, and my favorite comment in the screenshot is "How is this news? Green Lantern has always been gay."
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