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I hate it when people compare Kobe to Jordan. That's like comparing Tim Tebow to Joe Montana...
Terry B
Nice! It had to be the shoes!
Two things Bill Russell has on them all. 1. 11 rings. 2. Lack of a multi-million dollar divorce settlement. 
+Brian Haslip Well, let's not go nuts. Tebow really isn't good and Kobe, like him or not, clearly is. He just put up 42 last night, and you don't do that without being good. That being said, Jordan was clearly better than Kobe. Jordan's only competition is, maybe, Bill Russell.
The thing Kobe and Tebow have in common? Neither one of them know how to pass. Bah dum tsss
Terry B
+Bruce S , I thought he was looking for some snapper!
Kobe put up 42...and had zero assists. And there is no competition. Russell is the greatest champion the game has ever seen. 
Bill Russell is a different era. He was unbelievable, as was Jordan during his reign. That being said, Jordan beats these two easy.
In Jordan's defense, Russell never mismanaged an entire franchise into comic futility. 
Damn Right Jordan is the man... Straight outta NC.
Very funny, Kate, very funny! Hahahaha
My friend Cam said it best:

There were only 8 teams in the NBA when Russell won his first ring. The league was new. I think the first one he won the Celtics only had to win like 2 or 3 games to be in the finals... It's great they won a lot but just rings doesn't mean you're the goat... I can't say the best player ever was a center shooting like 42%... He grabbed a lot of rebounds cause the league shot a lower % back then and there were around 70-80 team rebounds a game compared to 42-45 now. Also he played "great defense" but players naturally shot around 40% back then. IJS... He is a top 5 center and a great winner and all that jazz but I can't say he was even the best center let alone the best player.
I never said he was the best player ever. I said he was the greatest CHAMPION. 9 rings as a player, 2 as a coach. 2 NCAA titles, revolutionized the game from a rebounding perspective and in terms of blocks. Had a career record of something like 7-2 against Wilt.

They're all different players from different era's. 
Mike is the greatest ever. lol @ Bill Russell.
Jordan Put Up 50 After Being "Poisoned"...NOBODY Is Even In His League. Kobe??? HAHaHaHaHa He's A Cunt Compared Larry Byrd Called Him..."God"....
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