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Any one else got this ?
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Sweet, you got one too.  I saw a few others posting the same thing.  I haven't received one yet though.  Have fun finding that perfect someone.
I've seen a few people post about it. I'm assuming the invitee still has to purchase their Glass. Does it state that anywhere?
I can see that it states they must travel to a pickup location, but I don't see any mention that they are purchasing it. 
Yup, they need to purchase Glass; they have the same terms as other Explorers.
Great that some have the oportunity to invite someone +Sarah Price. I will try to not check my email every 5 minutes...  ;)
Gary G
Well this it's exciting :)
I'm not over 18 but you can always add a family member of mine... (:
Haven't got my opportunity to invite someone yet, I know just who I'm going to invite to join the Explorer program
Hey everyone, if you haven't received this email yet, I'll try to find out whether we're done for now or not... since this is an experiment, I don't want you sitting on the edge of your seat if we're done for the moment.
Thanks +Sarah Price we very much appreciate it, every time something new happens with glass we all sit in our inboxes and refresh like mad for days :D
So now everyone will be spamming refresh, hoping someone gifted them an invite! F5 F5 F5...
Hey guys, confirmed, no more emails are going out right now for this experiment.
Aww Sad Panda :(  Thanks for letting us know +Sarah Price hopefully there will be more to this experiment later :D
I didn't get picked for #ifihadglass contest.
If anyone would invite me, I'd be grateful.
I live and work in Silicon Valley and am a recent CS college grad.
Congrats to all the Explorers, one day I hope to join you on the Journey!!
I'll buy an invite from someone. I need glass!
+Sarah Price +Matt Horton As much as I would love to be a part of the program, I have to agree. I think it is just making life miserable for people in the program in it's current form. It may have been "less painful" if everyone got an invite. I think it generated more spam than anything for existing explorers.
When I submitted the referral I received no confirmation page. Is that the norm? 
yes as I understand it takes a few days for the invite to come through
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