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Kat Zantow
Author. Fictician. Very excellent artist.
Author. Fictician. Very excellent artist.

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Tips and Tricks for Travel Blogging
What can you do with a summer vacation? Have you ever thought of writing a travel blog? It's a great exercise to keep your writing sharp for the summer and cement your trip in your memory! But how do you get started? The  Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center  h...

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Madrid, Madly, Deeply
You'd be mad to miss Madrid. It's not just a Spanish city. It's the  Spanish city. It's also the city I was most terrified to enter. The city from which I had to fly home. I still loved the city. The art galleries were great. The wine was great. People were...

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Córdoba, mi Corazon
Candyland Concept-art Looking for a romantic getaway from the hustle and bustle of Madrid? Take a day to walk around this tiny, idyllic city with Roman and Iberian remnants! Mini Minaret Ever find yourself in the middle of Spain just wishing you could see s...

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Behind the Vale of Valencia
No trip to Spain is complete without a trip to Valencia. It's got everything! Gothic quarters, skinny buildings, fountains, a river that is now a series of  soccer  futbol fields, and what I'm pretty sure is lifesize concept-art for a space station.  It's a...

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See no Evil in Sevilla
Sevilla  (English translation: Seville) is the capital of the Andalusian region of Spain. For perfect weather, try October! Giralda: mostly minaret, barely belltower. Like Granada, Sevilla has strong Moorish influences, but it is balanced by more obvious Ch...

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Do Nada in Granada
Weather: hotter than Eastern Europe. Granada is one of my favorite cities in Europe. It's located in the south of Spain, in the region called Andalusia. In its past life, the region was an Islamic state. Today it is firmly a part of Spain, but there is a hu...

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Barcelona: Gaudi, Trees, and Artchitecture
Sagrada Familia: The biggest sandcastle of our time. Barcelona is all about the art. And trees. I like that that in a city. Because art is pretty cool, except when it isn't. And trees are pretty nice too.  What kind of art will you find in Barcelona? Modern...

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Montpellier: Unicorns, spiderweb church, and floating dresses
Montpellier is the third largest city on the Mediterranean coast, which is to say, smaller than Nice (just as nice, though), and certainly smaller than Marsailles (which everyone in Paris will warn you is the crime capital of France).  But what does size ma...

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Nice is nice
Nice boats. Let's take a quiz: Why do you want to go to France? Drink all the wine?  Take in some culture? Go swimming in the Mediterranean?  In Nice, you can do all of those things. Well, not so much the culture part. But you go there anyway! Since 4 milli...

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Florence & the Non-Machined Statues of Death & Stuff.
In Florence, there is a dome. Size matters. So do art skillz. Florence values art. Some people visit and wax poetic about the ambiance for years to come. And they build it up. A lot. They'll tell you over and over just how much you'll love it. And you will!...
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