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Need some googres from the circ to leave comments for 73. 
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Ray Wei
How hard do you troll?
Kassem have u ever done the nasty in public (nasty= being really gross in public or something what else did u think i was talking about?) :)
Make this comment fly into tremaine's mouth, then insert a netflix plug, while that is going on lick tremaine, finally make tremaine regurgitate the comment by kicking him in the face. WHY IS JOHN SO HOT
Try to sing a song for Netflix, here are the lyrics:
My shitty show is so awesome
everyone watches it around the world
if you could sign up for Netflix using the link below (
We can keep this beautiful thing going on and on.
on kassem g's license it specifically states his nose is mean't to cure world hunger when he dies.
/// how are you///???? my name is aris pirmansyah i compron indonesia
Googres? circ (Best guess you mean Circle?) 73?

Speak English Kassem G!
Are you Skater? You looks like one, so please show us some tricks
how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood ;)
Would you rather date a ginger? or a man?
Oops sorry. I meant a woman.
how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could find your nose?
If your not sure if it is alive or dead, poke it with a stick and lick the stick instead.
Kassem since you have become a youtuber is there anything that you regret?
Do I have to plug netflix for you to use my comment or should I just ask for Tremaine to do something creepy?
Shouldn't Burger King and Subway swap slogans?
i can't undersatand what's the mean of 73 would you tell me
Can you get DKFlesh to appear on the show? We can't appreciate his work if we can't see what he looks like.
bit a bit a bit a bit a bit a bit a bit a bit a bit a bit a bit a bitch
Will put my comment in John na ass and through mouth and poop it out on a plate(: 
Go fuck yourself, Kassem. That's the only action you will ever see.
Are you a tits or an ass man? <insert Hannah Minx clip here>
so... hanna minx will not be on your show? that's why i keep watching this sh$%
Any Comedians that inspire you?
Have you gotten a majestic wolf dog yet? 
please come to my house so i can be the one molested instead of my comment
I already had Netflix before i started watching your videos. So...if i bought one of your signed posters would that make up for you being a Gay Homo Fag???
Are you secretly the reason why the wars ending in afgahnastan?
show me a bad Mario kart joke
How did you react when you heard you were the father of Snooki's baby? Will we see you on the Maury Show?! 
I wrote you a comment, but I deleted it :(
can u stab jon na with jon na well tremane fondles you
Depends on the milf ratio.
who would win in a staring contest? tremain or jon na ?
73 is the 21st prime number and 7x3 is 21.
Can you shove the Netflix logo so far up your ass it comes out your mouth?
Why is bra singular and panties plural???
I wonder what it would look like if Hannah Minx's boobs exploded?
Animate Kyle going into your butt then you charging up this comment then this comment going to Hannah's boobs.
Would you be able to do an interview with Hannah Minx without throwing a glance at her gorgeous bust?
Was there a time when Tremain was not so creepy?
make tremain make a usually fun situation awkward
i like chucking a wank, it feels so good
Can john na screw my comment while tremaine looks at kassem vigorously:)
Have you been naughty with any pornstar that you've been interviewing?
hey kassemG...what about NETFLIX!
Kassem recently lost his job at Home Depot for snorting Miracle-Gro.
You go on the Gentlemen's Rant!!!! PLEEEASE!!!! Wont you be on a Gentlemen's Rant?????
i will go tremaine on your ass now get the fuck over to the gentlemen's rant............aaaaaannnnnndddddd netflix
if you could have buttsex with any cast member without them knowing who would it be. cant be your nose.
I saw you on a CTFxC vlog. I could tell it was you because all I saw was a nose.
Ben E
When kassem tries to motorboat he cant move his head.
I want that you slowly lick my comment...
hey kassem g, when are u coming down to south africa so i can throw a 6000 capacity party in your nose? from Ze' fucking Alves .
do you believe aliens helped built the pyramids? ps. YOU"RE a FAG
Apart from Hannah Minx, who else's boobs would tremaine most likely stare pervertedly at?
Make Jon Na throw this comment, like a baseball, for Kassem to hit with his nose into Tremaine's unblinking eyes.
ask kassem the only show on the internet where the host lets you make fun of him to plug Netflix
If Kassem was a robot, and I knew and he didn't, would he want me to tell him?
I want you to crawl on your belly like an inchworm. All of you.
kassem caused an eclipse with his nose so every wanted warlord could escape from africa, inc. kony. animate this please, thanks babe
umm... a link to the video would have been nice........
Kassem only has one Dad , the other one died in a car crash.
Kassem is so hideous. His giant framed glasses, weird hair and pedo mustache actually make an improvement.
Insert Netflix Plug Animate my comment coming out of Hanna Minx's mouth.
Whats your best yo momma joke?
Can you show us how John Na was born?
Since you have no creativity, let me assist you in plugging in a Netflix reference.
I think I like the fact that many people hate Kassem G the G! Cuz I can finally have something that may never be mainstream like every thing else great that i fall in love with!
Can you catch a squirrel on the show?
If you don't choose my comment i will fly to L.a from ireland and plank on your nose.
Please show us the footage of Tremaine being spawned by Satan... i know you have it.
kassemG, WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you ?
N ever had a comment
E ver appear on
T his show before
F ortunately I
L ove you enough to let
I t slip this time
X xxxxx
Kassem's nose is as big as RWJ says his penis is...BAM
Hey Kassem,
Print (on paper) this comment and read it while you ride a bicycle in circles around one of your stupid friends.
PS: Your show sucks!
Kassem's like a golden retriever - he can fit multiple balls in his mouth at once.
pick this comment there`s a 1/200 chance it gets picked , lets say netflix the odds are better , maybe hanna minx, YO
Kassem? I think I want to sign up for NETFLIX, what do you think I should do?
Can you Show the NETFLIX Logo growing legs and humping you while your bent over moaning, While Tremain is siting in a chair staring then says "i just like to watch"?
^ The pun is that he is watching netflix but i'm not sure anyone will get it so i wrote it on a second comment
I want this comment to be animated. Surprise me bitches. Netflix
Who's your favourite superhero
Could you animate the comment into tremaines mouth
Hey Kassem,
How do you feel that as a big fan of yours I feel that the correct way to greet you if ever meeting you is "Nice nose Faggot."
Kassem is not gay, he has a crush on Justin Beiber
Kassem is like a golden retriever, He can fit a ton of balls in his mouth
Kassem's like a sippy cup - his "straw" is short and mainly sucked on by toddlers
why do I feel like your nose is scratching my back every time I turn my back on the computer?
kassem tell me will you animate my comment with jon na licking it and rubbing is crotch with it and then eats it???
- Kassem animate my comment on the john na skit replacing the yellow ring ;)
Thanks for answering my question...u suck
NETFLIX animate this comment going through a human centipede of you Jon Na and Tromain NETFLIX
Hey Kassem, I think I want to sign up for NETFLIX. Whatever shall I do?

Your show lacks feces. Netflix.
Guys! If you don't sign up for Netflix, Kassem's nose will shrink to regular size, his dick will grow, and he will become straight! The balance of the world would be upset!
What do you like about Hannah Minx
What would you do with the mega millions jackpot puta
do a sexy Mexican dance with John Na
can you make my comment coming out of your ass and you stabbing john na repeatedly and tromain watching silently
Netflix plug. You have a big nose. Hannah Minx. Gay Joke. Animated comment.
I hate you Kassem, you egotistical A**Hole
Kassem a dear friend, I have done all the things needed to complete KassemGay Ritual (I made it up because I'm creepy like that) I inserted John Na's urine into my bloodstream , I subscribed, I joined Netflix using ur link and have sorted out a meeting with miss Hannah minx and so I ask bay I demand this comment to fall off a cliff only to be rescued by a dream donkey which is then murdered by John Na who then eats the dream donkey and gains Dream powers and you jump on his back to fly off to Dreamtopia where everything is made of insert Netflix plug here thank you :D
Can you reenact the opening of A Clockwork Orange???
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