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Hi I'm Kassem. I do comedy. And this is my G+ profile. Add me to your disfunctional circle.
Hi I'm Kassem. I do comedy. And this is my G+ profile. Add me to your disfunctional circle.


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One of my favorite things we've ever done
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If you preordered a Palm T they are shipping out today. Keep me abreast on your breast.
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Thinking about doing this. Might distract others from my nose plus give me directions. Win, win.
New Frames & Shades for Glass

If we had a nickel for every time someone has asked about prescription lenses for Glass… well, we’d have a lot of nickels. So we want you to be the first to know that the Titanium Collection is here, with a handful of new styles for Glass so you can make it your own. Whether you wear prescription glasses or just want a new look, we’ve got four feather-light titanium frames designed just for you. And if you need prescription lenses and have vision insurance (such as VSP), your policy might even help cover your new frames. Explorers can access the Titanium Collection tomorrow afternoon, along with two new styles of twist-on shades.

This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to hear which style is your style. Check ‘em out on our website, and tell us what you think:
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Whoa Kassem is an amateur photog and has mastered his own beast? Dang.
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wearing leather in this
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Lives are at stake with that "skip" button.
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The Jon Voight Gang is recruiting for PS3 & XBOX!

The Jon Voight Gang is a group of staunch Jon Voight supporters aiming to keep our supreme father's legacy alive. As Paul Serone said in the masterwork Anaconda, "This river can kill you a thousand ways". Interpret that how you like.

TJVG operates on three pillars which provide a true north for our crew:

1. Much like the dynamic range of characters our Father JV, we too will have a wide variety of players. BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS. Unless instructed otherwise by the COC (chain of command). Obey the COC. Die for the COC. 
2. Always represent the crew by wearing your emblems. These are your gang colors. If you are found not spreading the word of JV or fighting the good fight, we will put a bounty on your head and watch you suffer. (As of today emblems are not working correctly)
3. Watch Anaconda on DVD. AGAIN.

1. Why Jon Voight? I barely know who he is and I hated Anaconda.
Turn back now and never show your avatar again. where would your precious Angelina Jolie be today if not for this man? And show me a better jungle snake movie you asshole.
2. How do I get promoted?
Prove you can be a contributing member of TJVG by upholding our three pillars. You will be noticed by our COC, and nominated for advancement up the COC. Promotion opportunities may arise when your COC announces a city-wide game of smear the queer. Depending on how the 'queer' handles him/herself, they may be in line for a promotion once the council of JV has an in-game roundtable. (the same procedure is used for anyone looking to quit the crew or anyone who is ex-communicated.)
3. Where can I find the hierarchy of said COC?
View your leaders here. ( Respect them. Escort them around Los Santos. They are the gatekeepers to your success.
4. I'm a badass and I want everyone to know, can i join at a higher level?
that attitude will get you far in real life but not here. We will break you down to your humble roots and rebuild you into someone your mother can look at without exploding into sadness. Everyone will start as muscle until your COC decides you're capable of handling additional responsibilities. 
5. What are the Rank Titles?
The rank titles will be names of the actors in my favorite JV film, Anaconda. You will start as character actress Kari Wuhrer, leaving you with a strong yearning to grow into a full fledged Jon Voight once you reach rank 91. Good luck Kari. 
6. But I'm playing on my XBOX and this is a PS3 crew!!
We have a franchise crew under the same name. the crew leader is BESTOMAREVER and he is unfortunately my brother. ALL THE SAME RULES APPLY. Supreme Leader & Visionary Kassem will stop by in a cross-platform quality control sweep from time to time. This will be a good time to voice any concerns you may have about your direct XBOX COC.
7. I'm a…girl?
First, figure that out 100%. And if it turns out you are indeed a FEMALE, rest assured knowing that TJVG is in full support of female crew members. We cannot be held responsible for where we place the camera when talking to you in game.
8. Where's the crew emblem? Can I make one?
Whoa slow down spaz. Currently the emblem functions aren't working on the Social Club. If you feel like you want to design something feel free. No guarantees if it makes it but we'd like to laugh at you trying
9. Can I invite my friends into TJVG?
As we are looking to expand, we will be in need of quality players. If you know someone who is a decent human being, and can follow the pillars 4lyfe, please reach out to your reps. They will put them through our rigorous character assessment program. 
10. I'm in another gang, does that matter?
Pretend for a second you have a girlfriend. Imagine asking her "Hey babe, I'm fucking Susan down at that Fedex-Kinko, that cool?"
11. How do we stay up on news about the crew?
For now all communication can happen on my fb. But if any of you are proactive enough to make a crew thread on some GTA Forum, we would appreciate it and it would go a long way with your COC. 

Link to the Social Club page where you can join:
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Really excited for this one
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