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We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but it is great to hear that some developers are starting to feel productive using the Dart platform.

To quote Mike Eberhart: I am absolutely thrilled with the productivity improvements I am seeing when developing with Dart (instead of JavaScript)!
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Dart is absolutely a dream come true for many Delphi programmers.
+Sakesun Roykiattisak I've a colleague who used to be a Delphi dev. Why is Dart so interesting for Delphi devs, how can I convince my colleague of Dart?
I may quote from the above post: "Dart has provided a much better OOP foundation for building a true software component set / library with!"

Since Dart is tool-enabled, it's easy to work with large code base. Reading, navigating, and debugging other people code will be easy just like in Delphi. I expect sharing of Dart libraries will rise in accelerate rate.
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