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If they're implemented with the ability to set the privacy level and enable/disable credit card linking as Disney has indicated they will be it actually seems like a very cool and useful innovation.
actually, because the "populations" constantly need entertainment, why not make it all much more convenient and universally ubiquitous?:

at least roughly 25% are seem to be all eagerly and enthusiastically waiting for it
(and if one was to filter the survey to "hipsters" and "geeks" it might be even closer to 75% ;)

"...organistion BITKOM had actually conducted research which had shown that a quarter of Germans would be happy to have a chip implanted if it meant they could access services more easily..."

“...We just carried out a survey and one out of four people are happy to have a chip planted under their skin for very trivial uses for example to pass gates more quickly at a discotheque for example and to be able to pay for things more quickly in the supermarket,” said Scheer. “The wilingness of the population to accept our technology is certainly given.”
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