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I say the ace card is sitting in Broder's pocket - any cell phone records should be able to confirm or refute Musk's claims.
I think her arguments are pretty sloppy and she doesn't address all of Tesla's claims against Broder. She assumes way too much, like what is or isn't normal consumer/driver behavior. She also doesn't seem to understand how electric cars work--or gas-powered cars, for that matter--and so some of her claims fall flat, namely her first one about the detour. Time spent idling and driving very slowly is considered a long detour by gas or electric standards, as you're running down so much power without having to cover much distance--time spent looking for white, 5-foot tall charging stations that were pictured and featured prominently on NYT's website (
The Atlantic article is an obvious quid pro quo.
Somebody needs to call out Broder (or whatever his real name is / or whoever really drove the vehicle) for cell phone records.
I'm not quite sure I see how cell phone records would help either party.
Time between cell towers should verify or refute claimed MPH and rough start/stop times.
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