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Google +1s will be incorporated into search and not just the +1s from your friends. Google is encouraging publishers to add the +1 buttons to their pages, ostensibly to encourage social sharing, but the more important incentive from the publishing side -- given that the Google Plus community is still small -- is not to get punished in search results. Facebook has forced publishers' hands in the past too, to add the Like button, but because of their huge customer base, not based on a crucial search tool. I wonder if there will be any pushback? It could be seen as the company using its dominance in search to force its social network on folks -- in a passive and friendly way.
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I think there's going to be an even bigger driver of Plus/search integration: Google is planning to give publishers a way to specify a G+ profile as the author of a web page via META tags on the page.

This is an incredibly consequential identity play. So far, they've used sticks (reveal your real name or else!). Authorship attribution will be a carrot — associate all your web pages with you consolidated identity and your pagerank will get a boost from all the social reputation you've accumulated.
So why is the article now gone from Forbes?
I am willing to bet that its gone from Forbes because someone didn't get their facts straight. #mytwocents
Is google using its dominace to force google+ on its users or creating a social network to improve the quality of its main product - search? +Kashmir Hill
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