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By my back of the napkin calculations, if fewer than 3 million people submit a claim for this money, they'll get about $5 each. If more than 3 million people submit claims, then a bunch of privacy non-profits get $1 million each. Folks at EFF, CDT, CIS, Berkman Center, High Tech Law Institute, etc. should be rallying really hard to get people to submit claims.
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meh, it's hard to do anything here based on our interests other than explain the work we do in an affidavit and that more funding will allow us to do more of that work. Given how much criticism we've received in the argument about cy pres awards, I suspect most of us are just happy to see what happens, and would rather do normal work that we'd do like teach people how to modify FB settings, etc. (something that might last). ::)
I'd rather take a $95 loss and send Zuckerberg a thank you message.
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