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Target knows you're pregnant! And now you know it knows it. Thanks to Charles Duhigg at the New York Times: My riff below.
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This is creepy and awesome (in terms of what data can tell us).... So, since I've never been a pregnant lady, what are the cotton balls for?
I'd be willing to bet that the vast majority of consumers believe that their credit card number isn't allowed to be used in this way.
Countdown to calls for an opt-out start.... now. +Chelsea Stark, unsure what the pregnant ladies are doing with the cotton balls.... Any Google+ pregnant or formerly pregnant people here to answer this?
My wife was pregnant two times and I have no recollection of us keeping around cotton balls for anything (though I could be just oblivious I guess....)
The amazing part is that they can predict the due date within a fairly narrow window. I would love to play with their data set.
+Marcin Konieczny You're right. I will add original article which is bigger than just how companies use private data, tackling habit formation and consumer loyalty. I think my piece gets to the heart of the privacy issues (which is what most of my followers are likely to find most compelling).
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