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Great read on the concerns of Windows RT from a consumers point

The last paragraph here says so much

"I really like Windows 8 and think Windows RT is a great long-term play against the iPad and other tablet challengers. But any excitement Microsoft generated around this launch will be squandered when people realize they just bought something that looks like Windows 8 but comes with even fewer apps than Windows Phone. That’s not a recipe for success, it’s a recipe for disaster. And I’m tired of cleaning up the mess."
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It happens with Chromebooks a lot too. The public buy them thinking they are full Windows machines and return them when they discover otherwise. The fact the Surface says Windows on it is really going to confuse the living daylights out of most. I've had 8RTM on a Stylistic Q550 for a few weeks and will be upgrading to full 8 pro next week, think I will pass on RT though.
You know, I spoke with friends about the future of OS strategy a while back, and I was actually defending MS for what seemed like at the time taking the path to unify different hardware standards under a single, versatile OS product and brand.  Never did I think they would instead fragment the brand to accommodate different devices.  Holy, mole.
Provided Office & IE10 work as advertised, I think the public will cut them slack if they find not many apps to start with. So much is done in the browser window now.

When i'm browsing on my iphone & iPad I'm just sick of perky little pop-ups saying "Hi, do you like to download our app instead?" NO I BLOODY WELL WOULDN'T! I prefer staying in the browser for the most part.

The big apps will appear quickly enough.
I've been using windows 8 for a while now on a XPS 14Z and I refuse to go back to windows 7. which now seems slow and antiquated. I have no problem with it what so ever. People aren't as dumb as techie like to think them to be. people switch from os to os all the time. people switch from windows to mac and back. people switch from iOS to android to windows phone and back all the time. people right now are just griping about there being a change. no one liked the start button when it was launched & we got ised to it and now people are complaining now that its gone. people were confused when you can go into dos from windows. there'll always be a small but loud group of people that will complain. in all honestly we're not losing anything in windows 8 & windows 8 pro. windows rt is no different than the iPads wall garden. & as for windows being difficult to use; if a 3 year old that could barely use a toilet grock windows 8 on an old desktop, laptops & tablets shouldn't be a challenge for the general public. will it sell as much as windows 7 which already has massive business & home adoption. No, that's because people just bought it. but it will do better than vista. which did better in adoption than OSX & Limux.
The only problem would be for people who are too lazy to look at what they're buying. Surely there will be a sign next to it in the store or on the website. I know Best Buy has these already set up. I can't imagine anyone who would essentially point at something like this from across the room and say "that one".

Just look at There's plenty of info there.

As for the Start button. Try closing your eyes and opening Start on Win7. OK now do it on Win8. Could you tell the difference?
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