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i did it! and you can, too. possibly.
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Now tell me how to get a Nexus 4 in under 24 hours and I'll be your biggest fan. :-)
are you sure you want one? it's not going to have LTE. ;)
That's okay, neither did my Verizon Nexus until a month ago. $350 for an unlocked HSPA+ Nexus with THOSE specs is a really good reason to consider giving Verizon my ETF and a big middle finger.

P.S. My average LTE speed is 16mbps up/12mbps down. About the same as the average HSPA+ speeds in my area, so for me it's a side step, not a downgrade. 
if you use 1password and load your cards on the wallet, loading ccard info is a matter of three clicks.  Other apps have similar functionality.
Nice by btw. Sharon Vak deserves a nice pressie.
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