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check out cnet's review of the iPad Mini.
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not for me. I have the first-gen iPad and woul get the iPad mini solely based on its 7-inch design. I think that works best with my hands. :)
I have tiny hands, but I love my full sized iPad.
+Karyne Levy why is there such large increments in price from 16, 32, & 64 GB for these things? I have 32GB on my phone and I barely use any of it 'cause of cloud based services and access to my computer.
I can't speak for Karyne or Apple, but Apple prices are not based on what it costs to make x product or add y component to it. The prices are based on what message they want to send about value and what they think the market will bear.
+Natan Gesher I can understand that I guess but it seems steep to just me probably lol Thanks buddy.  :-) 
While can't argue with figure that iSupply state but there are othe cost aren't solely hardware. Development, advertising and other possible intangible cost that we may not know.

Personally I am not buying this iPad mini because it cost to much for me.

Historically Apple has had premium pricing for their product. Much like Sony did for most 80's 90's and people bought the product because of the name brand. Hopefully like Sony Apple will learn they can't keep having high price any longer for their products. At least I'm hope they learn. 
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