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Love this (tricky!) Google Doodle! (Check what's in the sky!!)

#MSL  +NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory +mars curiosity-rover 
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Curiosity should be in the forefront...much more of a momentous occasion if you ask me
That's funny, it was a blimp when I went there earlier.  I guess if you refresh it, they have a couple of versions...
Thanks for pointing it out! I ignored it as a TV channel aircraft - not a curious explorer from another planet!
+Claudia Scholz I know, I wouldn't have noticed it myself if it weren't for this...I just search google right from chrome's bar so the small version didn't jump out at me
"Continuous rover presence on mars for eight years now."
I like that the athlete and the sky-craned rover show no national marking. For the moment, we are all in this together.
Mine just has a blimp... :( Not the rover.
You cracked me up! Thanks for the grin. This medium sometimes makes me feel like Helen Keller.
the rover landing is more important than the olympics in my opinion.  +1 if u agree
A second unworthy comment, Mr. D.R. Troll. 3 strikes?
Did they really have to give the guy armpit hair?
Me commuting to work on sky crane.
Hah curiosty i didnt notice that when i was on the computer this morning
uh, Mars is that way idiots
I see what you did there ;)
Vu Long
very nice instead
I only +1'd because of Curiosity in the background.
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