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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

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Been so... so... long blogging. But I wrote this not for the love of writing. It's such a complaining post from a frustrated Kollywood music listener. :D
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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

G+ Questions - Desktop  - 
Why am I receiving notifications in Google+ whenever someone shares a post in a community/page I subscribed to? (not email notifications actually, but the "99+" next to the bell icon annoys me). No offense to the people, but I don't really want to be notified every time someone shares something.

I checked my notifications settings, but I've apparently unchecked all the relevant options.
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+Chris Ketchell Thanks, Chris.. Guess I've grown dumb.. :)
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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

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I don't mind my cross platform duplication. But really, stop sucking, +Google. Fix the #Google+ and #Places integration. And why do we painfully "verify" a listing only to see it marked as #duplicate?
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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

General Tech Talk  - 
Any idea why this is happening? I noticed sitelinks in Google SERP for one of my clients. The catch is, their website is still under development. There is no navigation (or any link of any kind) in the home page. No sitemap as well. But Google is listing two orphan pages (is that what we call them?) from it in the results just like "site links".

Can't add a screenshot here, sorry. :)
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If it's already indexed a robots.txt won't help (unless you remove the entire domain first). That doesn't disallow indexing, just crawling. I'd use meta=noindex on the site. 
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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

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On the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 137 :D :P
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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

SEO Analytics & Measurement  - 
Hi, I have a bizarre (or so I think) issue in my Google analytics. Under the traffic channel group "Organic Search", I see a bunch of my private pages reported as "landing pages". None of them are indexed in Google, and yes, one has to login to the website in order to see any of them.

I see a fair share of them in the said report on a regular basis, but couldn't fathom how they manage to get there. Any possible explanations?

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Umm.. Okay. I haven't noticed adwords traffic so far in accounts when I didn't run any campaigns, though. I should also say that most of the accounts I handle are small ones - with traffic below 10,000 sessions a month (across all traffic channel groups).

Out of them, to see nearly 1,000 organic search visits with private landing pages, it beats me.

Sorry about my persistence. It's just my anxiety towards any possible misconfiguration in my Google Analytics that I'm not aware of. :)
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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

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உன் மௌனம் எரித்த சடலம் நான்..
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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

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Whoa! I didn't know Google had this one in store. Thanks, Google! :)
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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

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It takes a lot of nerve to remake the Sissy Spacek version of the movie Carrie, but this viral stunt/prank video in NYC makes me like their chances...
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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

General Tech Talk  - 
I have a regional website in the pipeline to optimize, and it is completely in a regional language (which happens to be my mother-tongue) and not a word in English.

The most challenging part, I think, will be the keyword research part, since Google and other search engines don't have enough search data to hinge to. Of course, because it's in my mother-tongue, I got a better edge at it. But technically, would anyone tip me a feasible way of approaching this?
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Sorry guys! Had a crazy Sunday and never fired up my lappie. :D

+Jon Edward Santillan +Josh Hofmann I would definitely do that for a different language but not for Tamil. Because as I said, the search behavior is a little bizarre over here. To put it simple, think of people searching with English queries and expecting the results in Tamil. :)

And Adwords KT doesn't seem to return keyword suggestions when I type in queries in Tamil.

But that's a good suggestion, will keep it in mind. Thanks a lot!
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Karthik Sivasubramaniam

Introduce Yourself  - 
Pardon my second intro. Guess I got too impatient before the Introductions thread kicked off. :) But I'll keep it unique.

So hi everyone, I'm Karthik. Finished my business administration degree and found myself taking up an internet marketing job, fell in love with it and having a great time ever since. It's been over two years, few mentors, a lot of websites and lots of people sharing, inspiring & learning along.

So feel free to teach this novice, share with him, correct him and ask him for any help needed - and he'll do the best he can to contribute to this community.

Whoa, that's 4 people joined before I finished typing this post. Boy this is growing! :)

And yeah, you're most welcome to visit the website I'm co-authoring. Attaching the latest post.
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Have a passion for Music. Gratitude towards and blessed by Love and God.

Struggles have been certain part of life, and therefore, taught me a lot.

Believe in dreaming, mankind, mom, friends and my attitude.

A kind of trial-and-error living. Sometimes works, sometimes sucks (okay, more often).

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