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+Jacob Perillo would you care to write an article for #7cc sometime? :) I feel like you're vibrating on similar thought frequencies as I do, and would love to have you guest post for +7 Chakra Collective :D
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You're right. Most need to get on our level.... Although we are mentally at higher levels of consciousness than others, I feel it is our Dharma , or moral obligation, to spread what we have to others. Which is why #7cc came to being. I created it to add to the effect of #lightworkers in the world. The more of us there are, the better and faster the people of Earth will realize their inner peace! :D
I am excited to check it out bro! I don't know what kind of lightworker i am.. I really don't know much about the distinctions. All I know is that my purpose on Earth is to heal, and to spread joy. Well,... At least I like to think so.
Say bro, where can I find which kind of light worker I am? :) I am on your blog.. loving every single bit of it!
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