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Simulations, Universes and Possibilities
There has been a lot more thought now on why our universe is nothing more than a sophisticated video game. I have often thought about it as such, and I have likened light to be the medium of energy and information transfer in our Universe. I would think gra...

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Can Artifical Intelligence be the threat to humanity in future? (from Quora)
It already is. Humans have already started using computers for their own selfish needs as opposed to the benefit of humanity. Automated stock trading HFT systems are the tip of the AI iceberg about to hit the rest of the human beings. What essentially is be...

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Act Right Now. Or It's Goodbye.
Right now we have an  Ebola Pandemic that is exploding and doubling its victims every month. At this rate, everyone will be dead by 2016 . Unless we contain it. Why? There were ~2000 victims a month back. Now there are ~6000. It is estimated that there will...
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