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Smart Wheel Canada (Official Hoverboard, Segway, Ninebot, AirWheel & Electric Scooters)
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Out With The Old In With The New!
Scooters are amazing! They are fun, easy to ride, you can
use them almost all year round and you can go a good distance before you get
tired. But what if you could go farther? What if you didn’t have to do a kick
every so often to get speed? What if you cou...

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A3 for Everyone!
The AirWheel A3 introduces an entire new way and meaning to
getting around. With the AirWheel A3 all you need to do is get on and enjoy the
ride. This product is for everyone, including those with limited
mobility. From event planners, business offices to s...

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Smart Wheel Canada
About Smart Wheel Canada Smart Wheel Canada started back in 2012 and has been growing
ever since. With over 30 years of combined experience in business,
manufacturing and international trade, Smart Wheel Canada is a
specialized company for Hi-tech transport...

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Choose Smart Wheel Canada
There are six main reasons why
you want to purchase your products from Smart Wheel Canada. Smart Wheel Canada
is Canadian Based, does domestic sales and is also an experience center while
also doing after sale customer services including repairs. Smart Whee...

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What Store?
There are so many stores that sell hoverboards now, it’s
hard to know where to shop at. You might not like ordering online because of
frauds, or something else but they are convenient. However if you go into a
store than you can see the location, possibly t...

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What Certification?
A few years ago (in 2015), there was multiple articles out
having to do with hoverboards catching fire, sparks and “exploding”. Customers have become extremely cautious when purchasing an electric
scooter also known as hoverboards. Questions that often pop-...

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Charging & Storing
Hoverboards, ninebot, segways and AirWheel products are all
similar when it comes to charging, storing and riding safe. If you missed last
week’s post about riding safe visit last week’s blog: Safety First! Let’s talk about charging first. Before charging y...
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