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The best games in Second Life.


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Can't Stop v1.0 is now available from K.R. Engineering! I hope new players and refugees alike enjoy this iteration of the game! If you have any features or house rules you'd like to see added, just give us a yell. No guarantees, but we consider all requests and feedback.

As usual, it is 30% off for 1 week as a new launch on both Marketplace and the in-world store.

Game Details:

31 LI, up to 4 players playing solo, or up to 8 players playing in teams. Compatible with all K.R. Engineering addon themes.

Supports playing to 2 or 3 columns to win. Can play normal mode, blocking mode (not allowed to end your turn while stacked), or speed mode (jump over opponents instead of stacking).

Also supports achievements! Keep in mind, most of the achievements are not attainable if playing by yourself. The game considers playing by yourself to be practicing, and most achievements will not trigger this way. Some of them are very easy to get, some of them are just outrageously difficult. I accidentally had one that was literally impossible, so that got brought down a bit during testing...

The game board has 8 different color options, which include changing the dice and combo buttons (which have pictures of dice on them) to match the board you've selected. Everything defaults to red, because I LOVE RED.

Remember to report any bugs that you may find, so that we can squash those little bastards ASAP. If you don't report them, we may never know about them, and reporting them can earn you L$500 store credit if you're the first person to report a particular bug!

Full game play instructions can be found on our Support Wiki:

Marketplace Link:

Store SLURL:
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RummiQub v1.0 is now available for sale on the Marketplace and in-world. I can't believe it's been 9 days since I posted about it, I don't know where the time goes anymore. I'm (probably stupidly) not going to do a beta period for this one, so here it is! I'm sure that can't come back to haunt me.

This is a great introduction to the Rummy family of games. It is easy to pick up, but takes a while to master. Success at this game hinges heavily on your creativeness at butchering up existing sets on the board.

There are a variety of customizable rules available as "house rules", but of course we always welcome suggestions for more.

As usual, RummiQub is 30% off for its launch week, both on Marketplace and in-world!

You can learn everything there is to know about this game on our Wiki:

Remember that bugs are always possible (perhaps even likely), especially in brand new releases! Report any problems you may find to Karsten Rutledge or and you could earn an L$500 gift card for being the first to report a reproducible problem.

Marketplace link:

Store SLURL:
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Today is the last day to get the 30% off launch price for Skipee. That ends TONIGHT.

Also it has been updated to v1.04 now. Things that have changed since launch:

- Numbers appear above building stacks to indicate how many cards there are. This also serves to indicate what the next card should be. If there's 9 cards, that means the next should be a 10. If 2 Skipee cards in a row get played it was difficult to tell what was supposed to come next.

- Numbers also appear next to players' stock piles now, indicating how many cards they have left before they're out.

- The official rules say that 162 cards should be used for 1-6 players, and 270 cards for 7-8 players. In practice though, this seems like a bad idea and can degrade the experience with 5 or 6 players where the draw deck is stretched very thin. I've changed it so that it uses 162 cards (3 decks) for 1-4 players, 216 cards for 5-6 players (4 decks), and 270 cards (5 decks) for 7-8 players.

- I've also added an option to simply lump an extra deck onto the game if desired, making it 4, 5, or 6 decks when playing instead of 3, 4, or 5. MORE CARDS FOR EVERYONE.

- A couple of minor bug fixes.

So if you're not on v1.04, you probably should be!



Support Wiki:
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Alright, ALRIGHT. I get it, you want a Skip-Bo table. Jesus. Okay, here it is.

I have been getting frequent requests for this game for a while now, so I decided to see what the fuss was all about.

I've never actually played this game before like, 3 days ago. I sat down to read the Wikipedia article on it and apparently "Skip-Bo" is just a commercial name for an old card game called Spite & Malice. After playtesting this over the last couple of days, I can see why. PLAY THE DAMN 6 I CAN CLEARLY SEE IN YOUR DISCARD PILE OR I WILL CUT YOU.


So there it is. Currently supports playing 25, 200, 500 or 800 point games. 500 is the standard, but shorter or longer games have been popular options on other tables. A 25 point game will be a single round of Skipee, whoever wins the first round wins the game.

Also supports team play! 2 to 8 players can play the game with each player playing for themselves, or you can team up when playing with 4, 6, or 8 players.

If you have a favorite house rule, let us know and we'll consider incorporating it into the game as an option.

Supports all the usual goodies: Leaderboards, addon themes, group options, poses, etc.

On sale for an introductory launch price of 30% off until next Sunday. In-store AND on the Marketplace! If you buy on the Marketplace, please remember to leave a review!

And of course, if you have problems with it, please contact Karsten Rutledge or Ariana Kamloops and we'll get it fixed ASAP.

Speaking of the store, if you haven't been there in a few days then don't panic, your brain isn't playing tricks on you. The store actually IS smaller. I decided it was way out of scale, so I wrote a script that shrunk the entire store down by 30%. There's the same amount of space inside it, because all the vendors shrunk 30% as well, but everything is more tightly packed in. Also I saved 1000 prims just by shrinking it, because mesh!



Support Wiki:
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Khet v3.0 is now available. I binge-coded on this over the last few days, and it is now ready to burn and sizzle its way into your heart.

This is a completely new Khet in every way. 100% hand-crafted custom mesh and the code completely rewritten from scratch. COMPLETELY. This new Khet is so different from the old one that none of the original code was usable even if I wanted to. The only thing that remains of the old Khet is the laser sound.

This has been an exciting project for me both because I love Khet, but also because I feel like I have pushed myself a bit further in what I can do with Blender. Smaller projects like this keep me motivated in the long term to continue working on bigger projects without burning out.

Some new features:
- It looks fantastic now. If only we could do real mirrors in SL.

- Khet can now be resized from 1m (size of the old board) up to 30m in size (the size of a house, literally). The land impact of the game will go up a lot if you make it bigger, all mesh objects do this. The old khet was 41 prims when a game was in progress, this new Khet is 32. You can have a Khet board 5x bigger than the old one for the same prims as the old board.

- There are 4 color schemes available for the game pieces now, you're not stuck with red/silver.

- Khet 2.0 arrives, finally! If you've never played Khet outside of SL, you may not know there's a different version of Khet known as "Khet 2.0" with new playing pieces and some rule changes. This is actually the only Khet you can commercially buy now. The old Khet (known as Khet 1.0 now) is not available for sale anymore in the real world. This new Second Life Khet can play both Khet 1.0 or Khet 2.0 games.

- Still includes the Eye of Horus Beamsplitter expansion pack for advanced players!

- No more temp rezzing! The old Khet relied heavily on rezzing. The pieces were all rezzed at game start because the old Khet board is from pre-sculpty era, and game pieces were multiple prims. It was hugely impractical and slow to move them around as part of a link set. They were later updated to sculpty prims, but the code was never changed. Additionally the control pad and laser beams were all temp-on-rez, rezzed on the fly. There wasn't another reasonable way to do this at the time without making the game board a HUGE number of prims! All of that is gone now! Using just 3 prims, the game can generate any combination of one or more laser paths on the entire 8x10 playing field. If I did the math right, that's 21504 possible laser paths in just 3 prims. The entire game is a single cohesive linked object now.

- 3 scripts, that's it. Khet itself is actually 2 scripts, but it needs the Gaming.SL connection script in there too to do updates, so that brings us to 3. The old Khet game had 48 when a game was in progress (20 in just the board itself). A product of its time, when we lacked MANY of the scripting functions we take for granted now. I made the original Khet board in late 2006/early 2007. Long overdue for a proper update!

Existing Khet owners can get the update for free, of course! Just touch your game board and choose 'Update.'

More information about the new Khet can be found on our Support Wiki:

Marketplace Link:

For more information about the real Khet board, or to download Android/iOS apps for it, you can check out!
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SALE! 50% off everything in the store. I had actually been planning this sale for a while as it is my my store's 11th Anniversary, and then somebody informed me that there's a big sports convention today as well. Apparently it's like, huge, and people are cosplaying as their favorite "circlebackers" and "loose ends" or something? I don't know, but I swear this is all a huge coincidence, you can check my profile.

At any rate, the sale will be for the next 3 days, ending at midnight-ish on the 9th. Maybe the timing will be fortuitous for your weekend.

In-store only:
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Someone asked me today whether I'd ever heard of a card game called "Shithead." I had not. However, I went and looked up the rules on Wikipedia, and it turns out I HAVE, I just didn't know it! I actually made it on Second Life exactly 6 years ago this month.

Shalosh is Shithead, if anyone out there is keen on that card game. I never knew it was supposed to be called that, as I was originally taught the game many years ago as Shalosh. I'm guessing some of the more conservative people in my life weren't keen on the original name.

Apparently "Shithead" has some varying rules, so I added two new optional house rules to Shalosh to make it more pliable to however you may have learned it.

* A new optional "card burning" rule, where playing 4-of-a-kind burns the discard pile in the same way that playing a 10 Trump does. You don't have to play the 4-of-a-kind all at once, if someone plays 3-of-a-kind and you have the fourth, you can finish the set and close it by playing the last one, or vice-versa. As long as the last four cards on the discard pile are the same, it gets burned, doesn't matter who or what order they got played in. (Works best with Card Matching rule also turned on.)

* A new optional rule to automatically deal the face up cards. By default you get dealt 3 face down and 6 in your hand, from which you pick 3 cards to place face up and 3 to keep holding before the game starts. With the new rule, you get automatically dealt 3 cards face down, 3 cards face up, and 3 in your hand, and the game starts immediately.

Both of these rules are OFF by default, but can be enabled from the admin menu.

Existing owners can update for free, as usual. If you've never played Shalosh (or Shithead), you really should, it's very fun!
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Hi everyone! I'm still working on the new and improved Gaming.SL update (mesh themes, yay), but it's been a very crazy couple of weeks. In addition to the holidays, I've been fighting a huge surge in people (especially one person) pirating all of my games and selling them for pennies on Marketplace and in-world. This has been a huge problem both for me and for people who end up with these pirated games that aren't "real." My inbox is not a fun place some weeks. I'm now banned from that person's region, maybe they think that'll stop me from DMCAing them again? Cause, that's not even vaguely how this works.

Linden Lab took a record 10 days to respond to a DMCA about the issue, which didn't help in the least. What helps even less than that is the fact these exploits exist in Second Life in the first place and continue to go unfixed.

Thieves have been pirating old Greedy tables for years, mostly v1.92 and v1.94 being the most popular. I busted one in-world "used game store" a couple years ago where the owner told me that he knew a guy who he just places orders with whenever his stock runs low on "used" Greedy tables. "Hey, I need 20 Greedy tables this week, and 10 On-A-Rolls, and 7 SLopoly." and the guy always delivers whatever number he wrote down. I was like "And that wasn't the least bit suspicious to you?" Store owner actually told me "Oh, I just thought it must be you wholesaling stuff from a different account, I didn't think anything of it." I told him that bullshit story wasn't to his credit, because that means he's either a bald-faced liar or...pretty dim, neither one being a flattering choice, but I'd let him decide which option he most wanted to go with while I filed a DMCA on both him and his supplier.

Now, however, they've moved on to newer tables. Nothing like walking into someone else's store and seeing 10-packs (yes, buy 10 Greedy tables all in one pack, lovely) of all your latest games for sale there.

I've instituted some new security measures into G.SL to help fight against this sort of problem, but there's only so much I can do. All of my games are now required to be activated for use. This is as simple as rezzing them and you're done. This is how it has always worked for G.SL games, but now G.SL is requiring it to be done by the person who bought the table (or received it, in the case of Marketplace, so gift deliveries still work). If anyone else tries to activate a table they didn't buy, it will shut down. Once activated, the table can be transferred like normal and still work.

This is true for updates as well, if you update a table, you must activate it. If we have to send you a replacement for a lost table, you must activate it. And so forth.

(If you're a thief reading this, activating the table isn't going to help you, because G.SL also tracks when multiple tables have the same activation. Just FYI.)

There are some other security measures I've added as well, but they shouldn't effect any legitimately bought tables. I only mention the activation because it applies to tables bought from me as well.

Hopefully these changes will make pirating harder and less worthwhile, but thieves are clever, and I'm sure this battle isn't over. I'm trying to combine software deterrents with legal deterrents (DMCA), but it's a battle as old as computers and it will probably never be fully won. (See: Every video game ever made.)

Honestly, if this same person tries to do this again, I'm actually considering consulting a lawyer. It's been done before, Linden Lab has been sued for failing to address exploits in the past and the exploiters have been sued for using them.

These issues used to make me sad, now I'm getting angry.
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So I hear it is Cyber Monday.

Does anyone else find it weird that this is the only thing we still use the word "Cyber" for? Remember when literally everything even tangentially related to the internet was prefixed with Cyber? My first ISP was called CyberStation. We had a 14.4K modem. Why do we pay homage to those days of nightmare once a year?

Next year it needs a new name. Silicon Monday? Micro Monday? Binary Monday (aka Binday)? There must be a better way to live. I'll have to give it some thought.

Oh, right, you wanted a sale.

Nearly everything* in the store is 43.7285169% off TODAY ONLY. And by "today" I mean the next 24 hours, so until about this time tomorrow.

Sale is in-store only, not on Marketplace! Here's a SLURL:

Bulk Vendor/Gift Kiosks are included in the sale, so use your store credit if you have it!

(* Sale excludes Lexago and guest vendors.)
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Lexago is now available to the public both in our store and on the Marketplace. Special launch pricing of 30% off for 1 week only!

The Beta program was again a great success, resulting in some weird and quirky bugs being squashed and some general improvements to the user interface (especially the HUD). I should reiterate that this doesn't mean the game is 100% bug free, we just hope it is! If you find a bug, please report it so we can fix it and you could be eligible for a bug bounty!



Support Wiki:
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