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Spicy but not very strong. I like this!
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Question: I got confirmation that I got  ticket for the Polymer summit. However I did not receive anything in the form of a "ticket". 
How do I "prove" that I'm allowed to enter next week?

You guys have a teaser what kind of codelabs we can expect? Are we doing super duper advanced Polymer or are we doing hello world? I prefer the former. So excited! Can't wait! :-D

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Google I/O 2015, Google's roadmap for the future. Our Android developer Karsten Westra tells you everything you need to know. #Google
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Playing music #throughglass  
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Some of our favorite #AndroidWear ideas from the community
by +Roman Nurik

Since we launched the Android Wear Developer Preview back in late March, we’ve seen some amazing wrist-based app ideas and mockups from developers and designers all around the world! A month later, the Android Wear Developer community on Google+ [], Dribbble [], Behance [] and other sites [] are chock full o’ inspirational wearable app ideas.

Today, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite ideas—to help get the creative juices flowing for your next big app idea. The mockups below aim to solve a variety of real-world problems for users, from intelligently delivering the weather forecast, to more ambitious goals like keeping you safe while driving. Check them out below!

The daily routine
· [] Keeping your eyes on the road, via Jeremy Avery in California
· [] Checking on the weather forecast, via Unity Interactive in Croatia
· [] Sheltering the storm, via Kreativa Studio in Croatia
· [] Gearing up for match day, via David Hampshire in London
· [] Getting to your meeting on time, via Michal Galubinski in Poland
· [] Never losing your place, via Jan Schoppenhorst
· [] Counting your calories, via Luka Mlakar in Slovenia

Sights and sounds
· [] Staying on the edge of your seat, via Casey Labatt-Simon
· [] Finally answering “what’s that song?!”, via James Storer in London
· [] Discovering great music around you, via Nicola Felaco in Italy
· [] Remembering the good ol’ days, via Felipe Mendes in Brazil
· [] Rockin’ out to your favorite tunes, via Rico Monteiro in Brazil
· [] Dimming the lights, via Guilherme

And who can forget…
· [] Living in the future, via Beard Chicken

Share your favorites!
We’d love to hear about your favorite ideas… make sure to post them in the Android Wear Developers community on Google+ so other wearable UI “pioneers” can be inspired by your work!
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