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Found in the mail this week :)
Chromatic Photo Awards 2017 book has just appeared in print and I'm happy to say that one of my images can be found there as the third place winner in Amateur Street category! The contest received more than
3,000 submissions from photographers in 75 countries.The book with awarded photographs can be ordered on the competition's website: :)
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Huge thanks to Link Lens Magazine +linklens for the publication of some images from my ongoing Tales of Rain series in the latest feature!!
Tales of Rain
Tales of Rain

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My FINDING YOUR VISION mentorship is ready for sign-ups!

This is a special program designed specifically for beginner to intermediate Street Photographers. (Please note "Beginner" means you've shot some Street Photography prior to taking this mentorship)

Most people think that Photography is all about cameras and lenses. It actually about ideas and creativity, it’s about seeing the world in a different way, finding a unique way to express yourself and finding your own personal vision.

In this mentorship I will share my understanding of the elements that make a strong image. Firstly by analysing images captured. Secondly by increased awareness through mindful practice at Street. By the end of the mentorship, participants will have a better understanding of these elements, that should be reflected in their images. Also a better understand principles of design and their own personal vision.

This is a free mentorship is offered through the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers

I will be taking on a handful of people for an 8 week on-line mentorship program which will include lessons, assignments, and informal discussions. Everyone who participates can have fun and learn at the same time!

I’ve been taking photos for 35 years, and have specialised in Street Photography for the past 3 years.
I’m a Sphere 2 graduate from the Arcanum. Most of my Street Photography has been self taught, but also formally through workshops and the Arcanum.

The applicants will need to already have experience in shooting Street Photography.
You will need to be available to shoot at street at least once a week for 6 of the 8 week program.
Assignments will be posted on a Friday so you need have time available to complete them each week.
You own/ have access to a camera that you can shoot in Automatic / Aperture Priority/ Shutter Priority.
Processing in Adobe Lightroom or similar is preferred but not essential.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a technical workshop. You can use any kind of camera that you can shoot on aperture /shutter priority. Either point and shoot, DSLR or mirrorless, you will need to be familiar with your own camera. Processing will covered, but please do not outlay any money for software.

Sign up will be open until Saturday the 10th March. Selections will begin on the 11th March for the Mentorship beginning Monday the 19th March 2018.

These are the selection criteria:

• You must be taking street photos and posting your own photographs regularly here on G+ –– an absolute minimum of three days between Public posts; more increases your chances of being selected. (The class itself will be private to the group selected except for the option of a public display album of your best work at the end.)
• You must be interactive here at G+, as you will be expected to participate in this program giving feedback and comments to others.
• You have no previous studies in this subject, since this program is designed for those who have not had the opportunity or advantage to add this skill set to their knowledge base.
• You have the time available to participate in this workshop.

To be considered for selection, please comment to the main post only, here: (your application will not be seen at any reshares) and answer the following questions in your comment:

1) Photography skill level
2) Photo editing software used most
3) Level of Street Photography experience
4) Aspirations within photography
5) Current job or profession
6) Previous art studies
7) Amount of time you have available for participation

1) Intermediate hobby photographer
2) Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CC
3) None? Beginner? Intermediate?
4) To sell prints of my work
5) Full-time grocery store clerk
6) I have no previous art studies
7) I do have a job and two kids, but I will make the time for this

The +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers is run by program directors +Robin Griggs Wood +Ron Clifford and +Alex Lapidus

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Thank you +PRO Winners!
Time to announce our WBP Winners from last week’s Featured Collections selected by our editors from our BTP Pro Pages. Another great collection of some of the most outstanding photography by amazing photographers!
Thanks to our amazing team for all their hard work. Please be sure to update your tags. Interested in having a chance to be here? Please read and be sure to use to correct tags so we do not miss your work.
(BTP Pro Pages Team)
*Our beautiful cover photo comes from: +Nenad Spasojevic Congratulations go to:

+Jesse Martineau
+Ekaterina Listova
+Peter Ponce
+olivier nelis
+Rolf Kokkonen
+Ralf Richtsteiger
+Lydia Kalke
+Kenny Jones
+Nella Tarantino
+Bogdan Mościcki
+Сергей Барышев
+Mike Reichardt
+loris r
+Robert Kubacki
+Kitten KaboodleInc
+Hasanuddin Hamid
+Alex Pfeiffer
+Nenad Spasojevic
+Harjit Toor
+Rob Damat
+Ed Kruger
+Nick Schierloh
+Dmitry Jurkov
+Erik Steen Redeker
+Tomasz Mardyła
+Joanna Orecka
+François Pitrou
+Theodoros T.
+Liudmila D
+Ilkka Hynynen
+Mingna Alwaysmile
+teresa pilcher
+Nataly Rubeo
+gerry daniel
+Rosie Nixon
+Tim Lyden
+Terry Bixler
+Antonio Mormando
+Mrinalini Mazumder
+Foto Group Media
+Esperanza Giménez
+Chwee Hock Low
+Dalibor Pačić
+Ronald Winning
+Françoise Dhulesia
+Nina Katajamaki
+Alexander Tarasenkov
+Raju Karia
+Giancarlo Tofanelli
+Stefanie Schächtel
+Ray Manning Photography
+Vitor Araújo
+Santi Astorgano
+Feli Gil Davila
+Michael Hans
+Lara Stratova
+Sylvia Ting
+Paul Howard
+supawadee sukpang
+Ina Gat
+Peter Scott
+Igor Schevchenko
+Willi Domroese
+Michael Whittaker
+Tomek Górski
+George Fletcher
+Brent M
+Erick Castellón
+Graeme Andrew
+Christer Westerlund
+Joerg Nitzschner
+Markus Jäggi
+Walter Soestbergen
+Karolina Trapp
+Chris Pallack
+Don de la Rambelje
+Roberto Moiola
+Anna Piotrowska
+Adrián Mišiak
+Barbara BM

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New images have been added to the collection WBTPA’s Editors Choice
Thanks to our editors +Alberto Romano +David Pilasky +Luc Thibau Photography
Congratulations go to:
+abhishek deepak +Jørgen Nørgaard +Margaret Tompkins +Sonali Dalal +Werner Hofmann +Benedikt Meier +Leanne Cole +Edith Kukla +Alexander Tarasenkov +Charles Lupica +Patrick Chollet +Terry Bixler +Jesse Martineau +rodrigue lopez +Boba Musura +Véronique Derouet +Eagle One +TSUTOMU KUSUMOTO +Jan Tomasek +Andrea Catelli +Karolina Trapp +Andreas Kolossa +Fotokunst Ulrike Adam +Birgit Kenter +Roberto Moiola +Giancarlo Tofanelli +Vilas Sawant +Mario Beducci +Agnieszka Ambroszczyk +Barbara Gałczyńska +Lara Stratova +Doris Ertel +Nicole H +Nina Katajamaki +Jonathan Usher +Lorenzo Riva +Heinfried Küthe +Jason Wright +Tony Prower +Morten Ross +Mario Nahum +ahcravo gorim +Kum Asia +Jeff Wiz +Dmitry Jurkov +Wasim Muklashy +marcus de roos +Rick Schwartz +Mike Reichardt +Martin Male +Matvey Z +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +Jean Marc Deltombe +slavado1 +Andi Fritzsch +Holger Nimtz +Yellow Puschl +Hans Kruse +Lydia Kalke +pablo broto +Igor Schevchenko +Jane Levine +Rockjumper - Worldwide Birding Adventures +Aamir Shahzad +Freya de Castelbajac +Impressionsby Atif +Rinus Bakker +Janusz dabrowski +Chris Page +Christian Meermann +Linda Stokes +Eric Drumm +Anna Simbula +Feli Gil Davila +Nenad Spasojevic +Eugenio Corso +Alan Shapiro +David Liu +Robert Karlsson +Peter Scott +Hans-Juergen Schaefer +Barbara BM +Tim Hill +Федор Кованский +Raju Karia +Grzesiek HanS +Woojin Yu
Marina Versaci

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New images have been added to the collection *”TOP WBTPA’s Featured Photography Pages"
chosen from among those selected by editors of our pages "WBTPA's Featured Photography" Thank you +Luciano Doria +Alberto Romano +Giancarlo Tofanelli +Pina Pignatiello +Silvana Villa +Franco Di Paola
For your great work on the pages
Congratulations go to:
+Silvana Schiesaro +Bozena G. +Andreas Kolossa +Patrizia Foca Bianca +Rosie Nixon +Bogdan Mościcki +Daniela Settimo +Sergey Stratov +Lily Ploeg +Annette Spijker +Willi Domroese +Antonio Mormando +Nurri Kas +Hasanuddin Hamid +Orazio Scuderi +Brian Alberghini +Dżidżej +Raju Karia +olivier nelis +Nigil Haroon +Jørgen Nørgaard +Thaddaeus Bruske +Agnieszka S. +Walter Adams +John Hamil +Ewa Krzewińska +Annette Junge Daugaard +Nataly Rubeo +lucio dettori +Tadeusz Dąbrowski +Stephen Thackeray +Rick Schwartz +Markus Jäggi +John Wade +Adrián Mišiak +Richard Kralicek +Krzysztof Felczak +Gordon Pusnik +Blanca Garcia +Alex Bihlo +Robert Kubacki +David Liu +Joan Munford +Michal Vörös +Nicol Eh +Daniele Fontana +Giselle Savoie +Raja Ramakrishnan +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +Tomasz Mardyła +Alexander Tarasenkov +Ronnie Isacsson +Peter Scott +Christer Westerlund +Paolo Dalprato Photographer +Cazzavillan Paolo +Morten Ross +Jan Glasziou Rainbird +Федор Кованский +Lennart Hessel +Kirill Kichatov +Alex Lapidus +Alex Pfeiffer +Giuli R +Ekaterina Listova +renaud +Françoise Dhulesia +Erwin Vindl +Ronald Winning +Pina Pignatiello +Angelo Gifford +Rushay Trivedi +Mariusz Kontowicz +Karolina Trapp +rodrigue lopez +Nella Tarantino +teresa pilcher +Thomas Deckert +Paul Heard +Louise Verdone
Marina Versaci
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