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Dreams DO come true...Disney World Date with Nick!! <3
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The album is on point, you guys deserve a vacation
giggidy giggidy! amy is one lucky gal~
heard brokenhearted on mix 102.9 kdmx the other day, so excited for +Karmin
Very Nice!!!! =)
OMG Allison Miehll is cyberbullying me!!! Call da policcceeee! >:P
Ohhh mahhh badd Allie. Sowweee. '~' And sorry for littering your post Karmin. LOL ;)
aaaaaaaawwwww now i no he wont leave u broken hearted 2 nite
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love you karmin you are truely awesome i love you soooooooooooo much
oh ps nick is super cute
how did u guys come up with the name KARMIN
I know u r problably not reading this, but I thing you guys are amazing! You have true talent, ya know. There are so many stars out there where u think " are these people real?" But when I see you guys I think "now THAT is true talent!" You really are amazing Amy and Nick!! Good luck in your careers!!
cool make ur memories begin
hey how old are you!!!!!!!!!!! we can talk cutie!!!!!!!!!
im a gurl that likes justin bieber and write songz bout cute boys like you.
I said it once before and I'm going to say it again. Please, please stay who you are and don't lose sight of that, because you guys are so inspirational and so awesome and I hope you have a magical day!
hahahhahaah awwwww i hope u guys had funnn !!! :) u defitnitely deserve it  ;)
if only i were there then MY dream would come true!
You guys are So awesome and i always listen to brokenhearted:}
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