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Our new video for "I Told You So" is a mini psycho-thriller! Did anyone call Dr. Uzo's number?
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I listen to this song nonstop! :)
that is the most intense music video ever!!! <3
Took me a little to figure out what was going on, but it's the best song on the album!
The number didn't work...
Or maybe it was just the area code?
i could never do that accept the singing
I called the number. It's fun. I LOVE Karmin! Trend this #DrUzo
Yo awesome video
It reminded me of a movie I netflixed about a girl who was in a mental institution after having a fire burn down her house when she was young and he had this crazy split conscious
It was awesome 
i watched this over and over yesterday and today!
At 1:17...
What's that written on his coffee cup?
She's better than Nicki Minaj!!!! <3
i know right i little bit clearer!!!!!!!
love that song its my favevorite
0% of nudety 0% of cussing 0% of sex
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