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I am woman, hear me roar!

Karmintes, find out where we're playing next! Bring your friends and let's have a party:
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u are so gorgeous...
I <3 your hair!!!! and shoes!! and everything bout u!!! xP
me too!  do you agree that she can rap really good?
i ahve a feeling that they're gonna b the next big thing and i love her hair!
then why would you say that u dont mean to brag wen you just did
thats rude she has she has long hair and those cool shoes and a big heart on her shirt
έχει ψιλά τακούνια
I am such a big fan of yours :) :):):) <3
I love your hair it's so unique!!!
ok im done  with this always poping up from ppls comments
ikr im like if i wanted to see these comments i would go look at them myself but im not so quit popping up :P
cuz i dont even know some of these ppl and it shows up
OMG! me too!!!! Ur awesome Maria Mori
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