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Behind all the madness of "I Told You So":

What song do you want to see us make a music video for next??
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what?!?! i LOVE twilight
A Paramore song!!! Or 'We Are Young" :)
justin bieber sux!!! im glad im out of the country when he plays...
I think walking on the moon! i <3 that song! ;)
LOL :) yeah keeep it up!!!!
You should make a video for one of the songs from the musical Wicked! 
OMG u are karmin i watch you music video i loved it
Wow, the Trolls are rolling deep today...I think Too Many fish would be great.
im trying to rap it its so hard!
really? thats so cool! you are so talented
david u keep it up & illrip ur testicals off then shove em down ur throat
Do a music video for "Hello" or "Too Many Fish"
P.S. If you caught one you can catch another one!
Definitely Hello!!!! I love you guys SO much!!!! All of your video so far have been incredible. 
Anisa J
ooooo do What Makes You Beautiful by one direction!!!
YAY!!!! u guys are so talented! 
definitely do a music video for coming up strong :)
You guys should do rolling in the deep
I love ALL of your  songs!!! Thhhey are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you should sing call me maybe i think your voice would go good
i like love this song to death she raps faster than Nicki Minaj lyk that S*** cray
Do a video for any song by Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber 
I love this video! I've watched it so many times already, but would watch it again right now if I found out someone wanted to watch it with me.
you are the best rapper in the world if you and Nicki Minaj were to compete in a rap contest you would win.You have a lot of talent 
you have alot of talent and love all ur songs keep um cumin
I think you should do a music video to "Hello" next. What do you think Karmin?
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