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Behind all the madness of "I Told You So":

What song do you want to see us make a music video for next??
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A Paramore song!!! Or 'We Are Young" :)
I think walking on the moon! i <3 that song! ;)
LOL :) yeah keeep it up!!!!
You should make a video for one of the songs from the musical Wicked! 
OMG u are karmin i watch you music video i loved it
im trying to rap it its so hard!
really? thats so cool! you are so talented
Do a music video for "Hello" or "Too Many Fish"
P.S. If you caught one you can catch another one!
Definitely Hello!!!! I love you guys SO much!!!! All of your video so far have been incredible. 
Anisa J
ooooo do What Makes You Beautiful by one direction!!!
YAY!!!! u guys are so talented! 
definitely do a music video for coming up strong :)
You guys should do rolling in the deep
you should sing call me maybe i think your voice would go good
i like love this song to death she raps faster than Nicki Minaj lyk that S*** cray
Do a video for any song by Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber 
I love this video! I've watched it so many times already, but would watch it again right now if I found out someone wanted to watch it with me.
you are the best rapper in the world if you and Nicki Minaj were to compete in a rap contest you would win.You have a lot of talent 
you have alot of talent and love all ur songs keep um cumin
I think you should do a music video to "Hello" next. What do you think Karmin?
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