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Broken-down "Brokenhearted" - live from the studio! What do you think? ;)
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As evry ones sayin, LOVE IT!!!!!
lovelovelovelove like always :)
i know this is a bit old, but u guys ROCKED SNL!!!
i love everything you guys do! i am a vegetarian just like amy. i actually look like her. ( my profile pic is 2 year old) i do the suicide roll all the time! love you guys!
WOW. Not sure what you did to this song but I have had it in my head all night long while walking about... Did you put some magic dust on there or what?
i rely like ur new song :) (BrokenHearted)
I really love your voice... God blessed that voice
It's just something you would wait all day for
hey me and my friend r big fans of u 
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