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Karma Platform
Karma Platform instantly transforms your spreadsheets into business applications.
Karma Platform instantly transforms your spreadsheets into business applications.

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Arm yourself - with @KarmaPlatform - The API wars are coming

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Karma Platform on Venture Beat
Check out Karma Platform coverage from Venture Beat.

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Looks like we're not the only ones trying to solve the problem of spreadsheets.


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Feels this way sometimes …

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Day 2: Karma Platform Exhibition
Team Karma in action on Day 2 of the +Web Summit, where we had a stand in a very favourable position near the entrance to the main hall.

We were very busy all day, delivering nearly 50 software demos - that's almost one every 10 minutes! - and there were times when there were two or three people waiting.

It was a very full day, completely exhausting, but really satisfying and some good feedback on the product and our messages. We'r confident this won't be the last public demonstration of Karma Platform!

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And Karma takes the stage ...
Product Owner +Andras Kora delivered the investor pitch to the 4-person judging panel on Day 1 of the +Web Summit . Each company had 4 minutes to sell the idea to the audience, with 2 minutes allowed for follow-up questions from the judges.

Andras did great - his presentation was clearly delivered and within the 4 minutes (which is more difficult than it sounds!). The judges asked good questions and we had a chance to talk about some of the specific features of the software.

We were disappointed to find out that we didn't make it to the next round but there was no shame in that result: we lost out to the eventual winner,

Well done to Andras and to the team for the achievement of being selected to the group of 150 finalists out of 6,000 entrants, we are very proud!

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Agile Needed Now More Than Ever
Government funding has never been under more scrutiny which is why it makes sense for public sector projects to adopt agile tools like Karma Platform to reduce cost and risk.

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Intel: It's Not Too Late to Join the API Economy
Leaders in the space are generating real revenues from APIs. generates more than half of its revenue through APIs. Twitter, Google and Amazon are deriving revenue from API transactions that number in the billions.

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