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Helping you Hike, Raft, Jeep, or Fly over the Grand Canyon!
Helping you Hike, Raft, Jeep, or Fly over the Grand Canyon!

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I'd like invite to see how this Local Tourist does tonight "Time Traveling with Brian Unger" to some Hidden Canyon Treasures at 7:30PDT/8:30MDT/9:30CDT/10:EDT on the Travel Channel!

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This brings back a whole host of memories. If you are considering rafting on the Colorado River, get to it sooner rather than later. Great work by Western River's here. In full disclosure, I worked for Western River's in 1985 as the Bus Driver from Page to Lee's Ferry. And, enjoyed seeing Nevill's Rapid up close and personal in September 1985, as well.

Sandy, A Reservations Manager for Western River Expeditions shares some insights about what guests can personally gain while experiencing the sights, sounds and thrills of a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. River guides help to bring out the best in the guests while rafting in the Grand Canyon and these experiences combined make an experience like this a "Trip of a Lifetime". 

#grandcanyon #rafting #riverguides

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Wow, I really enjoyed that Grand Canyon White Water Rafting video.

That brought back rich, rich memories of my first white water expedition in 1985 from Lee's Ferry to Whitmore Wash on Western River Expeditions.

Now in full disclosure, I was the Motorcoach Driver  for Western River's Expeditions who transported people from the Ramada Inn in Page, Arizona to Lee's Ferry with a stop at the Marble Canyon Lodge to see Jane Foster for those last minute items like Sun Tan Lotion, a Map, or even some Drinks. Also, I worked for Lake Powell Air Service that was "that small aircraft" company that flew Western River's passengers from Whitmore Wash-Bar Ten Ranch to either Las Vegas or Page. Also, that was the first year that Lake Powell Air Service introduced using Helicopters to lift people from Mile 187 up to Bar Ten Ranch right after experiencing the Lava Falls Rapid...instead of a Mule Ride up the Trail to Bar Ten Ranch.

And, since then, I have been able to take all of my children on a 7 Day White Water Rafting experience through the Grand Canyon. I too consider it one of the greatest accomplishments in my life.

I also attribute that original White Water Rafting trip through the Grand Canyon to part of my current Grand Canyon addiction. I do have the privilege and opportunity to help people plan their vacations at my experience with Western River's contributed to that love of the canyon and wanting to share it with others.

If you are considering a White Water Rafting trip, I highly recommend you take a look at what Western has to offer. Take the jump here:

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The most check-ins of any National Park?
GRAND CANYON ... that's from Facebook check-in's, that is. Interestingly, Zion is #6. Another incredible National Park...

I love this photo of the Grand Canyon because not 1 in 100 people know where it is taken from...I might even change that to 1 out of a 1,000 visitors to the Grand Canyon...BECAUSE most of them will never see this vantage point. It's taken from the Toroweap Overlook...and instead of looking upstream over the Colorado River where everyone recognizes it from the steep cliff. This view is looking downstream over the largest rapid, Lava Falls.

You can see the nice lava flow on the right hand side...a very steep hike...2,400 feet descent/ascent in a mile and half. (I DO NOT recommend that hike from March-October...and even November may be too my summary in this video: The Lava Trail - near the Toroweap Overlook )

I recommend you make the Grand Canyon a destination for your soon as time and opportunity allow you to visit.

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Grand Canyon Rafters in Grapevine Rapid were lucky to escape.

The water flow in the Colorado River has been low this spring due to low precipitation in the mountains above Lake Powell and the agreement in 2014 that Lake Powell will only let out 7.43 Million Acre Feet instead of the normal 8.23 Million Acre Feet as in years past.

I enjoyed watching the video. The videographer slowed it down. Take a jump and see what you think.

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This is a great rafting tour on the Colorado River. Finley Holiday did a great job putting this together. I really enjoy Gerry as a guide, as well. Take 3 minutes and watch this!
Great Video!  That trip sounds incredibly interesting.  thank you 

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A Roadtrip from Scottsdale to the Grand Canyon by Ramaa Reddy Raghavan

Since the Raghavan's were in the area, they chose to take a short vacation to the Grand Canyon. This is an ideal itinerary from Scottsdale. 

They stopped in Sedona, enjoyed a hike, and the infamous Broken Arrow tour by Pink Jeep. Then off to Grand Canyon and experienced the new Mule Ride along the Rim of the Grand Canyon. Also, she put together a nice YouTube video at the end to the Mule Ride Guide's narration while on tour.

Take the jump, click the link, and check out the Raghavan's experience while in Arizona.

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Robbie Knievel jumping Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Nation
I just watched this for the first time. I remember hearing about it when Robbie pulled it off. I think this is Descent Canyon out at Grand Canyon West where the helicopter flight path used to be to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

This is an amazing jump. I am glad he survived the landing. Amazing.

Watch and enjoy---
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