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If Bill Maher could moderate too.
I think the candidates are too chicken. Here's hoping they prove me wrong!
I would like to see extreme left and extreme right moderators. They will ask the harder questions.
But Stewart will scoff better.

srsly: he eviscerates people when they are not there but has he done any actual hard-hitting interviews? It is a comedy show after all.
I'd LOVE to see Jacque Fresco moderate a presidential debate! hahaha!!! Now THAT would be INTERESTING!
If it's in a public forum maybe he could cut the comedy and go for the throat. Whoever does it, it's going to be a debacle.
Giving any Rich Commentator any Opportunity to become more rich isn't what the country needs. Too much debate and not enough bi-partisanship. Don't add sensationalism to the mix. Real people are struggling and need more serious interviews with each candidate's plans being put forth so they can decide who is better for their individual situation. Debates only hi-light the biggest problem we have, Partisan Politics.
Politics has to be multipartisan before it can be bipartisan.

Serious interviews won't be with the candidates but with their backers and support.
This True Libertarian agrees with you Simon. It's time to stop having to choose the "Lesser of two Evils". Three or Four would be refreshing ...;-)
Yes and no. It would be hilarious, but the moderator isn't supposed to have an opinion.
Neither should the candidates if they truly "Listen" to the people.
WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to opinionated! I would like to see debates without a teleprompter in a true quick answer format
Authentic politics is the capacity to create adequate opportunities for the pursuit of enlightened self-interest; and to power and lubricate the engine of egalitarianism.
wow... he'd be like Mitt Romney, you're a dork. Why are Mormons so weird? and then... Hello again Mr.Dreamboat President Obama, may I lick your balls, again? ...pass...
sounds more like he got it from Lewis Black.
I think he got that on the back of a kids cerial box
yeah he has not commom sense I bet you if I gave him two pennis tha would not even help
Anybody who wonders if Mr Stewart can be deadly serious and make clear cognitive statements should get on YouTube and watch his crossfire appearance. He KNOWS what is wrong with American politics
Sure but only if it isn't one of the real debates. Only if it is another one, an extra one. I don't want to waste one of the only times Mitt Romney will have to beat up Obama, if such a thing is possible. I hope so. But back on topic, Yeah let him moderate an extra debate, a fifth debate. Set in late September.
Why, so he can try to make a joke of the debate?
No but if sam kinnison were still alive
To Be Honest Judging Who And Not Be President,Is UnCOOL And un Nice And Especiially A Deabte U Pick 1 And Not The Other hOW MUDE PLEASE BE REPSECTFUL, KEEP THOUGHTS TOSELF L(TY,
Obama makes Jimmy Carter look good.

First president in history to go an entire term without a single year of growth over 3%

First president in the history of this country to oversee our credit downgrade

Only Head of Harvard Law Review in Harvard's entire history to never publish one single law review article, not one. Can you say token position?

In three years added more debt than every president combined up to Clinton. Surpassing all 8 years of Bush spending in three.

Has overseen the largest growth of food stamp and entitlement programs.

Has overseen a 15% decrease in oil production on public lands while taking credit for private drilling that was approved by the previous two administrations.

Overseen the US overtaking Japan as having the highest corporate tax in the world.

This guy is a failure, he has accomplished nothing, then again, what do you expect from a community organizer who never held a real job and couldn't even get hired as a teacher until his best friend had to beg Harvard to create a position for him.

195 days and we can be rid of this pathetic excuse for a commander in chief.
#truth Then again, if I was him, I wouldn't try to run on my record either.
How is the debate a joke? It is only the future of the country we are deciding here. I wish the Republican nominee was someone but Romney but it isn't. But as Glenn Beck said,"Mitt Romney, at least he's not a commie". That used to mean something in this country. It used to mean Evil. But now communism is wide spread in the U.S.
Jon interviewed Madeleine Albright last night, and has had other Top Tier folks on his show, on BOTH sides. Yes he can get the laughs, but at the same time, he is well read, and can phrase questions that need to be asked, unlike most main stream interviewers. Politicians need to be called out, and quickly!
It's a symptom of the entitlement mindset, everyone thinking it is the governments responsibility to feed them, give them health care, and coddle them cradle to grave. It's killing this country, and I'd hate to see what this country would look like after another 4 years of this hack in office. By that point, it will probably be 60% not paying federal taxes and even more class
warfare on those who do.
We need a debate with ALL the candidates involved. Well, maybe not the ones who think zombies are running things (they are the only smart ones, right?)
He is just another brain dead puppet like all the other YAHOO's in HOLLYWIERD. They should run it like a game Jeopardy.

No prompters either. Then again with no prompter Obama would just stand up there and drool on himself.
LOL Brian. Like the previous 8 years were awesome.
He's a Liberal, no different than the so called reporters over at NBC or the other prehistoric news agencies. All of them are in the tank for the Democrats, hence why 95% of all political donations from the press go to Democrat candidates.
there are much better things to debate about.
Hey, Bush wasn't perfect, but gas was half the price it is currently, the US had 5+ trillion lessi n debt, unemployment was under 7%, we had AAA credit, and we didn't have a socialist health care law crushing small businesses. :)
Pa Paw
^ agree, idiots forget the past and always blame the present, thinking they know all about the future. all these know-it-all jerks need to run for office. see how deep the shizz gets then.
I think perhaps it is a joke in that the political system has devolved into one in which whoever can convince the unwashed masses to believe what they happen to be saying at any given moment on television will win.

Spur-of-the-moment responses to unfathomably complex socioeconomic issues are hardly an indicator of fitness for office and Washington's decisions might be less of a driving factor in world economies than people might think.

#unfathomablycomplex +Alicia Torres +Daniel Haffner
I would love to see one debate with all the third party candidates involved. How about mid-September?
Brian... what is your party affiliation? Cranky Pants Party? I hear they are going to field some candidates from the 'Get Off My Lawn' base.
I really think Romney will win he has to. Obama in office another 4 years we will belong to the Muslim country Arabia. No thank you. It's our constructional
Right to bare arms and the right to worship as we choose
More like who can convince the typical idiot American which one will give them the most stuff and take the most from the wealthy to give to them.
And they should have a debate. But we need someone else on office. 
No, just tired of seeing the moocher class in this country grow while those who work and become successful get labeled the 1% and demonized.
A large part of what is going wrong with our country is that too many voters get their political information from late night comedians and actually take them serious.
Or maybe the typical idiot American will vote him in again and you'll have to be given smelling salts from the fear.
I don't know if the average American is an idiot, but they are woefully uninformed and greedy at the very least.

+Brian Esser
Brian Esser: Do you really think people enjoy getting something for nothing, enjoying all the hoops they have to jump through to get it, living in fear that their supply will get cut off suddenly, living in a dump? You have no idea... I work daily with some of these people; some are severely mentally challenged and/or ill. I don't understand your way of thinking... What would Jesus do?
Sam, he had a Democrat House, and Senate and still couldn't get his garbage passed without having to resort to bypassing the law and bribing people and passing it in the middle of the night.

Another interesting figure is his sinking approval rating and the numbers showing the current Democrat ran Congress as being the laziest in 60+ years.
My vote is for Beck. He would ask some great questions to both guys.
There's a Muslim country Arabia? And what's a constructional right to wear sleeveless shirts, which is what I assume bare arms means. Worship away as you choose. I assume that means the citizens among us who are Muslim as well?
The 50% of Americans that pay no federal taxes are not all special needs. Though, if they vote Democrat, that might be so.
Teresa, you are hilarious. love your "constructional" right to "bare" arms...what that building things without tools?
+Brian Esser Bush,REALLY! The biggest word in that mans vocabulary was,Yeeehaaacowboy! as he thought it was one word.That arsehole is the reason your country is in the bad shape it is,his work was a ticking time bomb which exploded when he left office.Obama was left to pick up the pieces & hes doing a great job at it aswell...
Hey Sam, ever notice Europe is fucking broke because of their welfare programs and entitlement mindset? Do you lack enough cognitive thinking skills to not realize having half the country not paying their fair share to use the hack's own term, is sustainable? The top 10% already pay 75%, and they want them to pay more?
why would I do that I don't even like him
Marc, please come back when you have a clue why the collapse happened. Go Google Barney Frank and Fannie and Freddie. The Democrats stopped the Bush administration from shining light on the house of cards years before the collapse. Get a clue please.
Brian... they pay payroll taxes. Anyone who doesn't is retired or a student with no income. We can't let that go by. It is part of the disinformation of the republican party. Most people pay payroll tax which is a federal tax.
LMFAO @Teresa Kreiter .... Let's see.....*constitutional *bear and it's actually freedom FROM religion. JUST SAYIN'.
Hey Sammy, where is this fauz outrage at Barry Obama who paid less than his secretary and used every loophole including supposedly giving his kids money to keep from paying taxes on it?

Call me and ask me to give a damn when the lower 50% pay their fair share, until then they should be grateful to the so called 1% who are carrying them on their backs.
What do you think this is? Facebook. I will share things make my own decision on.
Margaret, and they get it back with tax credits, they are net tax payers. Same as if you pop out 4 kids but only make 15k a year, then every year you get that 7k check back from Uncle Sam. They didn't pay taxes, they got a handout.
Wow! With some of the comments here, it's like watching Fox news! Lmfao!
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
And I'm not even gonna start on the other white bread on this thread. Anybody else need more crackers???
lol Sam, the same Poll he was trailing in the week prior?

It's funny how short liberal's memories are when it comes to ol' Barry.

The reality is he has a record of failure he has to run on now, he can no longer blame Bush for the economy. It's on his shoulders, and the economy is in the tank due to the effects of HIS policies and inept actions.

5+ trillion spent, and not one new job created. That will be his record.
Exactly. It means nothing when they get it all back at tax time.
You have a point Sammy, Under ol Barry Hussein, the Average income has dropped $500, the tax burden per American is now over $50,000, 5,000,000 less jobs than the day he was sworn in.

Changes nothing. If you are going to expect a minority to carry the majority, and not react, you're kidding yourself. They will not keep footing the bill for those who don't contribute.
Nothing like political fodder from a HS grad working at an auto parts store.... So Brian...just out of curiosity....did you pass History? Economics 101? How about math?
Blame Congress Brian. You got three branches. Obama is only one.
I discussed this post with 8 people in a hangout.
+Brian Esser I am college educated and have been employed since I was 17 (except for a couple of four-month periods when I was looking for a job after being laid off). I'm not a "moocher class" I am solid middle-class hard working American.

And I am part of the 99%.

Do yourself a favor: use your mind. Stop and think about these things before you post such drivel! We don't begrudge people in the 1%. (Do you really earn enough money to be in the 1%, actually? I'm betting you're one of us, the proud 99%.) It's the promise of American that a person can be successful. Nobody is demonizing people who do well.

Unless you think that "being fair" means "demonizing". Which you might, don't get me wrong, if that's how you feel, that's how you feel.

But don't you ever look at your paycheck, see what percentage of your wages were taken out in taxes, then stop to wonder why that's a bigger percentage than someone who is making $50 million a year?

Anyway, like I was saying: think about such things. Don't just accept what you've heard on the radio or seen on the tv. Stop and really consider whether people actually do "demonize success." Think about whether hearing "rich people don't pay enough taxes" would really make someone say, "Damn, if I'm going to have to pay more in taxes, then why the hell should I try to get a better job?"

Oh, one last thing, a hypothetical math problem: Suppose you are earning $50,000 a year, and you have to pay 15% in federal taxes because you are part of the "moocher class". That'd mean you're only bringing home $42,500 a year (not counting other taxes).

Now, imagine you get offered a job where you make $1 million dollars a year. Your tax rate TRIPLES and you now have to pay 45% income tax. That's totally completely unfair, right? It SUCKS that now that you're making a lot of money, you have to pay so much more in taxes? Because out of that million, you're only bring home $550,000.

Now consider the difference between bringing home $42,500 and bringing home $550,000.

Would someone bringing home $42k really say "I don't want to make a million dollars, because then I'd only bring home 12x what I am making now?"

Economics? A preschooler could create more jobs than Obama. :)
So because they file taxes and get a return they effectively are NOT paying taxes? wtf? Sorry uh NO.
Oh, and it's good to see Liberals have to fall back on their old routine of taking personal shots and not sticking to the topic at hand. Tut Tut.
this picture of stewart has got to be ten years old...
Look how it backfired with their bullshit war on women bit. Haha
+Brian Esser Next you'll say that the war with Iraq was justified! Did Bush + his cronies loose 2 Trillion Dollars.Donald Rumsfield was questioned about it and he acted like a kid who got caught with porn,he didn't have a clue what to say.The Bush administration was a JOKE... A poor one at that
No, because they get more back in taxes than they paid, they do not pay taxes. How is that hard to grasp?
2 trillion is still less than the 5 trillion this hack has spent in 3 years and not a single new net job to show for it!
a talk show host for a president? er......
3 years in office, and not one month of positive jobs growth. What a success......
Can't be any worse than a community organizer who spent 187 days as a Jr Senator and voted present most of the time and never held a real job that wasn't given to him by his friends.
It's aways interesting to watch. When confronted with verifiable facts the liberal left never has an intelligent answer. Just personal attacks and name calling. If the ideology of the left is so solid why can't supporters use facts to defend it?
I'd prefer him to run for president. Primarily. because he doesn't want to, because he knows how bad he'll be. Every person that will run for president will be equally bad or worse, but they actually think they are good at it.
It's their old standby. If they can't rely on the facts, they attack the other person personally. That's when you know they are losing.
Blah Blah Blah, please tell me one successful thing he has done to create jobs? Oh wait, he still hasn't created a single new job. Oops.
maybe he can get it accomplished if he has another four years? I mean sure, after the Great Depression which was much worse than this recession, we had double digit and 9% growth the three years following, and this clown can't hit 3%, but I'm sure it's Bush's fault..Or ATM's, or Israel's!
If I could talk to obama for 1 hour. I would have complete trust in him. But nowadays ur vote means nothing when a person wins an election
The party that sticks of for the 99% attacks a working man for not going to college, wow.
Why not? FB "Likes" cured cancer and destroyed Kony, so this might have a chance.
While I do enjoy Stewart as a comedian I think it is important to note that he really isn't a good interviewer. Any time he has a interviewee that he clearly disagrees with he gets kinda stuck and confused and loses a good flow. Typically this is resolved by a mid discussion rant that is more or less aimed at the audience to get applause.

As I said, I like him but I really don't think he is the right choice for something of this sort.
Meanwhile their guy and his fat cat Wall Street banking buddies live it up. Irony, right.
Sure, Stewart can moderate a debate when he works 40 hour weeks, 52 weeks a year like the rest of us. But currently he's just a 1%-er who profits off of a populist message.
Almost as ironic as the high school graduate defending the 1%....
+Brian Esser Do you ever do fact checking before running your mouth? Have you forgotten the recent 23 month run of private-sector job growth?
+Brian Esser If it weren't so spooky it'd be funny. They can't let go of Bush to save their lives. 5 trillion dollars added to the national debt in less than 4 yrs with nothing real to show for it and it's still all about Bush.

And the deception is on a whole other level. Pay their fair share is a totally deceptive phrase. It implies that the 50% of the country paying all income taxes isn't "paying their fair share" while the other 50% not paying any income tax at all somehow is. How can anyone believe that this is a logical conclusion given the facts?
صباح الخير، انتاجنا الثاني من للفاهمين فقط، لسه حاره من الفرن، يارب تعجبكم للمتعصبين فقط
Dan Soto - We have 5,000,000 less jobs than when he was sworn in, any month with less than 250,000 jobs created is a NEGATIVE jobs growth month, we must create 250,000 new jobs a month to accommodate the growing population. We will need years of positive jobs growth to get us out of the hole we are currently in. Nice try, now run along.
(and incidentally, I'm not "the party" and neither are the other people posting in defense of the POTUS.) I'm just an individual, as are they. Try might like a change of pace from the whole lemming/sheep gig.
I live in a college town, and from what I can see the only thing they learn there is how to milk money from everyone.
I agree Chad. It's their only hope come this election, trying to turn this country on itself.
The funniest thing about this picture , it shows just how ignorant all you people are, that you still believe and take stake in politics.
Not all of Obama's fat cat buddies are living it up, some of them work hard I'm sure--Like the good honest folk at Solyndra and GE for example. They worked hard for my tax money in breaks and corporate welfare, er I mean, investments.
Jon Stewart is a tool. Get Colbert!
Right, we're ignorant because we play a part in the system as opposed to such obvious geniuses like yourself who rather sit on the sideline and let others run the show. You're a real sharp one.
the debate is a joke. they never ask the hard questions and if the do they do not answer. how do you plan to create jobs, how are going to rebuild us.
how are you going raise more money for education. how are going get companies to build in us, employ more people in us. improve heath care so it as good as other countries.
@Garrett Cramer- Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
+donald jones Health care as good as in other countries? Are you aware that America has produced half of all major new medications over the last 20 years? And we're only 5% of the population. I'm pretty sure that there aren't many other countries that do better than that...
Rob Go
Nice idea, but no way it'll happen.
Everyone is obviously biased
If any one should be president it's Jerry Springer..
if this were on facebook then maybe it could actually happen.
XD XD Jerry Springer for President. "I'll bring the truth to light!" Even if it means that there will be a smackdown...
Yeah, that would be cool. He's pretty sharp.
Not that I have any clout at all, but I'll definitely give my effort.
He's pretty unabashedly liberal. I have my doubts he could be objective enough to be a moderator. It would, however, be entertaining.
Well Brian, I see you hide from the truth? do that much? You are quite right that it is Bush's fault. But let me enlighten you, when Bush and Cheney finished paying off and twisting arms in Florida, they walked into the white house. They took over a huge surplus and a balanced budget, which 20 of the top financial advisers and investors said the following when they took the white house " the economy is in great financial shape and if managed correctly will be able to withstand any adverse conditions which the markets may incur" So what did your boys Bush and Cheney do? of course they had to reward all their friends but how? Well this is the plan, first they went public and pronounced that they were giving all Americans a stipend rebate! of course this was just a drop in the bucket and crumbs off the table, but it made the people say "hey this guy is cool" then unbeknownst to all they doled out billions to their cronies all over. To further reward them he allowed hi connections in both the senate and congress to enact a series of laws and to change the wording others so they would benefit the companies they had. This included the investment made overseas and tax breaks they received from that and the investments made into their companies(bush tax laws ring a bell?) then he also removed all types of restrictions in the oil industry (being from Texas?) this allowed the throwing of american money to countries who really did not like us, but did like our money and allowed them to explore and drill and then SELL the oil to OTHER countries? do you think that maybe the Americans would get a break in pricces for this in the contractual development? NO we were charged whatever the speculators dictated. then 9/11 happened, this allowed good old Darth Vader opps excuse me! Cheney to receive all authority to dole out 330 Billion dollars in construction project, logistical support and supply, purchasing to? Haliburton the good old company he was Chairman of before becoming Vice President. Did not matter that all the products were marked up 1000%, did not matter that the work performed was considered sub-par, did not matter that specs on products ordered to protect our troops were lowered. By the way all the work performed by them had to be COMPLETELY redone at a cost of another $278Billion paid for by the America people. So please lean first then talk, because the president stepped into a bunch of S__t and trying to make sense of it all as well as correct it. Obamacare? well if you want to continue paying Drs and Pharmaceutics companies who bribe drs to use their products and write scripts for them. so if a person wants to die from lung cancer as they use drugs and are being maintained by drs offices as they fatten their pockets then protest, just remember it was not the presidents fault. In my professional life I have always hated having to go in after someone to clean up their mess, it is a thankless job, no one likes you for the actions you take and no one notices the good points they are rewarded with.
He's a dolt and I don't think much more of the people who follow his work.
+Simon Bridge He has been seriously interviewed on political pundit programs on both MSNBC and Fox and has held his own. He IS well versed in the issues and is an excellent communicator. Republicans are scared of him because he isn't an empty suit or simply a clown; Stewart cares about the issues, knows about the issues and will not pull punches. Comedy Central doesn't restrain him the way news organizations hamstring their reporters/anchors.
They don't choose presidential debate moderators based on number of Google+ shares.
Absolutely. He actually has the wontons to say and ask what needs to be said and asked
The Democrat Presidential Debate. It would be like watching a comedy show.
John Stewart 2016. A man with both intelligence AND common sense, not to mention a sense of humor.
awesome, that would be epic stuff
Lol Milton, I refuse to read that massive pile of drivel.
Que bueno que estas feliz!!
Even better: tag team moderation with Colbert... :)
Jon Stewart is a pre-written comedy pansy. Have it moderated by Sean Hannity, he'll ask serious questions of both of them.
Stewart couldn't do it. The debates would have to be stopped every ten minutes while someone had to go out on stage and ask Stewart to get off of Obama's lap while asking the questions.
I want this about as much as I want casey anthony to babysit for me. Wise up he's a comedian 
men m
i will share
Oh yeah...because he's Definently not biased.
Hello How are You
Good Morning to you
i don't care if he is biased.. i tend to agree with him so i'm all for it. steven colbare would be a good person for that too- i think he's funnier
Well.. eventually Jon would have to swap positions with a debater. A moderate expectation considering his massive popularity with swing doters.
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
Not a US citizen, but i've seen Mr. Stewart on his show. This is not a bad idea.
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
He is doing this as a publicity stunt. Are country is in trouble as evidence look at the people that think its a good idea. Bet they don't even know who is running and who the current president and VP are. :(

A guy who's expertise is comedy to host a political debate? That is a comedic suggestion.
So he can pitch Obama softballs.....what a joke.........
+Griffin Paler For someone who mistakes the words "Our" and "Are" you sure have a low opinion of other people.
Ah, the Kony approach. When are we putting up the posters?
John Stewart? Really? No I think what would be better would be a totally biased view from a comedian......... or how about someone from Fox News? or MSNBC? Or both Fox & MSNBC with Jerry Springer ushers to break up the fist fights?
Nima H
Because it would tear Romney apart. Then we need someone to tear Obama apart and take him out of his fake shell of being black and giving good speeches
I don't think he knows what day it is. No.
I will disagree with you on that Mr. +Griffin Paler I feel if a candidate can't take a silly question, or a question they feel uncomfortable answering, and answer it completely while giving us insight into their policies, they probably aren't fit to run this country. A good example of this would be Mr. Mayor Boris Johnson's reply to the question of what he was doing to prepare for a zombie attack.
Not only did he answer the question with dignity (and not dismiss it mind you but actually answer it,) but he also let us know that his important focus was the 2012 Olympic Games. Someone with quick wit and creative thinking to turn a potentially bad situation into a positive one is what we need in the Presidency. That kind of thinking would help in all kinds of situations especially with foreign relations. From the problems in the Middle East and Israel and Iran, to dealing with the missile happy Kim Jong Un in North Korea, a president who is comfortable negotiating hazardous waters would be very valuable in these times.

And Romney is the front runner for the Republican Primary (which was all but clenched today, and President Barack Obama and VP Joe Bidden will be attempting another 4 years in office. Just because we like a little satire with our news, doesn't mean we don't care about the country or the big issues. We live here too.
What I want to see is an actual scored Lincoln Douglas debate.

There will be a winner and a loser decided by who makes actual points in a test of rhetoric.

Nobody gets airtime live, responses that don't directly answer questions as asked are cut from broadcast. Nobody gets free airtime to talk party-line bullshit.
Let's go ROMNEY!!!! YA!!!
+Angela S. Wenk I am absolutely positive many enjoy getting something for nothing. Not from something I heard or read but from personal experience. I tried to hire some out of work merchant mariners and give them full time employment. Although a majority of merchant mariners in the Gulf of Mexico were out of work at that time because Obama had put them out of work we could find no takers. We had to hire temps to bring our vessel manning up to Coast Guard standards and they would only do it for 1 day and only if we promised not to tell the unemployment people. I said to one of them, "we will pay you in 2 days more than you make in a week." He said "All I have to do to get the unemployment is watch TV." I know people in the community I live in who have purposely been on unemployment for years now and are quite excited about the fact that Obama may make it permanent. I don't know that he will but they sure hope he will. There are people struggling to find work true, but do not for one moment fool yourself or let the press or speech writers talk you into believing that there is not a LARGE population on Unemployment who love it and who posses ZERO desire to have anything other than a handout.
Meh. Give me the candidates locked in a house, Big Brother style, and let me watch them for awhile. See'em at their most frumpled and make them watch cable news, listen to talk radio and argue with each other about the things we have to. For elections with incumbents any public venue the president's at the main adversary would be present and able to give remarks. Certainly this couldn't be any more poisonous, destructive or ridiculous than the current setup for getting to know people before elections.
I agree that it is no secret Stewart's personal views are liberal, but he is professional enough to run a fair debate and honest enough to call candidates on their doublespeak and obfuscations. People who say he is "just a comedian" are just laugh out loud ignorant. He's interviewed heads of state, he's extremely informed, and he's not afraid to drill down into topics that ordinarily get shallow, sound-byte treatment.
Such negativity...everyone playing the 'left and right' need to start playing the whole game, and not just your biased view of your personal opinion...shining like a spotlight intently focused in only one direction.

Seriously, to read a bunch of these GOP responses, the gullibility of these people...they have you trained to do nothing but attack your fellow man cuz they don't share your particular extremest views...OHHHHH..........FEARFUL......GET AN ENEMY AND DESTROY!

People should be interested in working together with people...not taking them down...if you would all take time out from crucifying each other based on an incomplete idealism and work together, you'll get a lot more work done in your own life...regardless of the gov't involvement...because you'll have the help of those closest to you and around you who care and then things get done...big things...things bigger than yourself...if you actually cared...

I would love to see Jon Stewart moderate a debate...not taking shit from debaters and bringing out actual facts to contradict the candidates...left and right alike...keep them honest or get them off the podium...
Why, if one has a problem with the way politics are run, does everyone get all pissy and accuse them of being a liberal/idiot? Sorry if I think almost all the candidates are batshit insane, no matter what side they're on.
I applaud how Jon Stewart exposed the media bias against Ron Paul. Even Fox News' straight guys like Bret Baier and Chris Wallace were clearly biased. Bill O'Reilly was the worst of all. I lost respect for Fox News for their blatant anti-constitutional stance.
+Brian Esser Actually, we only need to create 151,000 jobs per month to be ahead. That also takes into account population growth.
Once again, do some research. You've inserted a foot into your mouth twice so far. You're out of feet. What next would you like to insert?
Absolutely I do! At least then Ron Paul would get a fair shake!
Before anyone jumps all over me… let me assure the reader that I am against violence in any form, I am for absolute equality, fairness, and inclusion. I am the very opposite of a racist and am offended by any form of racism. Our identity shouldn't be based on the attributes of our lives of which we have had no choice. Identity shouldn't be used as inclusion or exclusion in any form. I am a liberal in the '60's tradition of civil rights. You know, actually caring about those people nobody wants to care about. I am an atheist, or rather, a causalist. I believe that all action, all change, is the result of physical processes and laws played out according to physical law. I get excited when the local baseball team wins but I am not proud of that aspect of my personality. I am about as removed from group think as a human being can be and I intend to become yet more removed. That established:

Jon Stewart is a joke. An embarrassment. Self absorbed. Elitist. And almost worst of all, not funny in the least. That I may agree with much of his political views doesn't change this. He is a throwback to the "isn't it hilarious that the chosen people can laugh at how ironic it is to laugh at being the chosen people" shtick. I am against race based identity of ANY kind. Nobody chooses their birth. So why should it be used in any context of identity or preference? There is no better example of institutional racial preference than the Jewish tradition. This fact is not changed by the fact that Jews have been horribly persecuted – but it might explain why. Exclusivity is hurtful in any form. But exclusivity by birth is the most vile form as it can't be changed through choice or action. Humor doesn't in any way lesson the crime to humanity that exclusivity causes. Where are the Jews that don't just reject exclusivity and nepotism, but actively work against it? That struggle would be worthy of self deprecation. Indeed, where are the Christians who laugh about christianity, the Muslims who make fun of their own self-seriousness? It is time that we jetison the self-importance we have worn as shields against our own insecurities. We must let go of ego. We must accept the fact that life is about flailing and that everyone is a flail. Claiming superiority over others is more than a little bit embarrassing and more than a little bit obvious. Time to learn to be uncomfortable in front of others and in front of ourselves. The gig is up. The emperor has no clothes and the emperor is us. Let's all grow up. Please?
I love how people get all excited by issues of the format of a debate or the choice or moderators but don't seem to be at all concerned about what that says about human nature. If a voting populous is so easily manipulated, what does that say of the cognitive capacity of human beings as a species? Is your personal philosophy on economics, culture, governance, education, infrastructure, etc. so wishy washy or so non-existant, that your opinions on topical issues can be swayed by the rhetorical style of a talking head? If we were truly sick of sound bytes, the politicians would stop spewing them. If we wanted in-depth explanations, if we wanted leaders who could teach us and if we were willing to learn, politics would look and act entirely differently than it has come to look. We are the problem. It isn't "them". What a cop out. The emperor has no clothes and the emperor is us.
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