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I noticed that the other day. Caught me off guard.
:) every OCD Android user Thanks you.
FWIW I think the reason for this is that your wishlist is A Thing™, where your apps are just apps. The Design Guide does say that headings like this should use sentence case, unless the thing is a proper noun.

With that said, I personally agree that it should not be capitalized. Hey +Kirill Grouchnikov, cc: me on that bug? ;)
Dan, yep me and my work colleagues were talking about this. We wrestle with this shit every day. Just doesn't feel to me like "wishlist" is noun enough to be nouned. 
Even if it is a proper noun, seems like the list could still be "My apps", "Wishlist", "Accounts", "Settings", and "Help".

Anyway we'll flag it and let the designers sort it out. :)
If "wishlist" is supposed to be a proper noun, I could show you a few instances where that is not the case.

Actually I could show you 22 instances. =D
It's only ever capitalized that one time. 
Ahem, I think you mean Ron amadeo.
+Artem Russakovskii I've seen something similar with the Messaging app.  On the conversations list, when I rotate the phone, I occasionally see the text "New Message" on the, well, new message button.  I can't reliably reproduce it, though, and it's been driving me crazy.  Is this because it's server-side?
Having said that, it seems to happen every time now!  
+Artem Russakovskii lol wut? Text is not managed server side. You can have different text for landscape mode, but that would be weird. Action bars also do all sorts of showing and hiding of text based on orientation. 
When will the content from the U.S - like new colors (not only green); recommendation pages etc. show up to Europe?
+Ron Amadeo In this particular case it seems to be. It changed from capital to lower-case in front of my eyes, and it was a 2nd device with the 3.X Play Store that I saw this happen to.
… except that with the new version, there's no “Manual Updates” section. I have, therefore, restored the previously-installed version.
how can i change my wishlist?
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